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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happy Sunday

Much cooler today and love it.  A fine Spring day with bursts of soft rain and then the sun comes out again and everything looks so much greener.
I need to get back out there because thunder storms are in the forecast.

Only after three days this large Azalea has just started to really put out the flowers.
Each new day brings more blooms

I have been trimming the holly away from it.  We removed quite a few of them and now I want this one gone.  Too messy and pollen is horrible so close to the house.

In the early morning I come out with coffee and the Grand daddy's beard as I call it has perfumed the air.  Fringe tree is what I hear most often it called.

Peonies through the gate

See that planter, summer will be over when I finally decide on where I really want it.  You can see the weeds are flourishing along with grass that needs another cutting.

I started these squash from seed about 4 weeks ago.  The pink pot is sunflower I started from seed also. 

Lemon balm for my tea.

I have been snipping the spinach for my salads as you can see.  This stuff comes back pretty fast. 

Bush cukes.  I have more planted and will put one in my planter, when I decide on where to place it.

Nasturtium coming up in this pot beside the little zinnia. 

romaine lettuce with sweet frog

I purchased this at Lewis Ginter Garden shop and it's just so pretty glistening in the sun.

Another "had to have" purchase from the shop.  It's just so pretty I thought.   I will place a plant or some books in it.

til next time.


  1. Such a lovely post, Betsy. Spring is so pretty at your home. I love seeing your large pink azalea! All of your seeds are looking quite healthy. I planted morning glory seeds this morning near the trellis. We didn't get any rain today--sure hope we get some soon as it's dry here.
    Love your pieces from Lewis Ginter. Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you. ♥

  2. Great looking garden! As pretty as spring and blooming there are the pollen issues. I can't handle the pollen landing on my can mess a person up. Have a great day.

  3. You have put me to shame, I have only just made a start on the garden and planting up.


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