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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday night

And all is not well.  The creek is rising and I hear the gushing from inside.  Upstairs I hear it the best.
I didn't get a great picture but you can see how high it is.

Closer to the driveway but it's running fast on through the slash.  At least it draining well.  Thanks to Steve keeping the area clear of debris and overgrowth.

In comparison although this is a snow shot from last year, it gives an idea where that pot of Lavender is.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have more storms in the afternoon


  1. Goodness Betsy, I hope you are safe. The storms have been skirting around us and giving us just a little rain. Take care and I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day. ♥

  2. We have been dealing with a lot of pop up storms the past week but with the remainder of what hit Fla is moving up through TN we are getting a lot of rain today. They are telling us that we might have a chance of pop up (that seems to be the news folks new word) of tornados. I hope not. Stay safe.

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