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Friday, February 27, 2015

snowy pictures

Some Thursday morning pictures of snow here at home.   Pretty coming down and it was a wet snow that is good for making snowmen.    We didn't make one,  just thought it was a good snow for it.

view from bedroom window

This is where I decided to sit with coffee and just daydream, like I do not have a million other things to do.

creek bed

a close up view from upstairs window

I guess spring will be coming soon?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow at last

Yep,  been asking for it and got it.  I love it,  the air is crisp and clear and brr - cold
First yesterday we visited mom about an hour away and ran into light flurries there.   She said she wanted to go for a ride which she did enjoy.   So pretty when it first starts to cover the trees.
pretty ride down a gravel road to pick up mom

nice hot coffee for the road.

Some pictures below of what it looked like this morning at my house

taken from upstairs window

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stonewall Jackson Shrine

Arrival at Guinea station  by ambulance on May 4, 1863,   the  last six days of General Jackson's life were spent here.   Located in Caroline county Virginia.
Brought here for convalescence after being wounded and his arm amputated.  A stop here before trip to Richmond that never happened.

   " Fairfield" was the name of Thomas Chandlers 740 acre plantation and below is picture  of the farm office.

Chandler offered his home,  but Jackson's doctor and his staff chose here for rest and quiet.     The only structure remaining.
info. - for lovers website - stonewall Jackson

After designated as "historic shrine",  restoration took place in 1920's and 60's.  About 45 percent of structure is original fabric.   Info. - found on  Virginia is for lovers website - Stonewall Jackson shrine.

the only items original to the room where Jackson died are the wood frame bed and the blanket at the foot that covered him.

ahead is the location of Chandler home

pretty property

Must have looked some what barren in 1863.
The trees do not look to be as old from  the day when Jackson was here.

some before pictures of the plantation office and other good info.  is found here at   civil war blog.
Looking back at a beautiful 
Hard to imagine the turmoil of war here at one time.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

color of water

The color of sky and water.    

Sailors carried it for good luck sailing the waters.

meditative - healing - calming ----   Aquamarine

Our anniversary today -  my gift from Steve


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

jam and flowers

Been a while since my last post.   Lots going on and mostly all at once it seems.  
I am posting a picture of orange marmalade with pineapple that I canned a few days ago.

I will make a sponge cake and spread it between the layers for coffee or tea in the afternoon.

In the picture above sitting next to marmalade is celery growing in a shallow bowl of water.  
I will transfer it to a pot to grow some more before cutting to use in recipes.   Saw this done in a couple of blogs and it works very well.

some beading done in the evening,  need to wrap the stems with some floral tape

now to make some leaves for the flowers

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