Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving at home

Thanksgiving at home with grandgirls and their mom and dad was so enjoyable as we used nice paper plates and sit anywhere that was comfortable.   Which was around the table although there trays out just in case

Miranda brought some beautiful flowers

close up of my tree decorated for Fall

Later in the evening I had the girls make snow man hats or Christmas hats and they had a great time doing so.
Downstairs in den, playroom or lounge.  I call it comfortable. 
G.V. showing off her hat.  I have yet to hang my pictures on walls after the painting of the room.  

They both put lights on their hats
Glitter everywhere and so was glue, but it all cleaned up great.  The good times had are what matters the most to me!


Moms Birthday at 101 years old

We celebrated Mom's 101st birthday on November 23.   A Thanksgiving dinner with her the day before Thanksgiving and a coconut cake which is her favorite.

Born November 23rd, 1921 in Chase City Va.

We all had a wonderful happy time.  

God has Blessed all of us!

My oldest sister with Mama
My grand girls, their mama and my niece photobombing behind as she called it.  I like this picture will all in it. 
Food was ordered from Cracker Barrel so we could celebrate a Thanksgiving with Mom at my brother's home
Wayne and Rachel
Steve and Randy
Grandson and Mom
Mom looking at a card from a childhood friend of my son's, David.
I wish I had gotten other pictures of my sisters and family, but everyone was having a good time inside and outside on this sunny gorgeous day. 
I went through my pictures, and I didn't get one of me with Mom.  Well, that is disappointing. 
I will have to get one this week end and post.  


Friday, November 11, 2022

Apple picking

Apple picking on Carters Mountain in Charlottesville Va. 

Took the grand girls and they know how to pack a lot of apples in such a small bag. There are different size bags for purchase.    Plenty are packed in the ones they had for this day.

This is a well-run operation with well-maintained restrooms.  Service is wonderful.  The people who work here are very respectful and courteous, worth every penny.  Money well spent.  

We don't go that often, but when we do, we like getting our home-made apple cider donuts.

Lunch from the food truck and there are different trucks that service the mountain there on different days. 

view from the top and 

Since we got a late start, we decided on lunch before the truck left. Food was very good and very generous.

Can't beat this view

Girl's chicken and tater tots There were 6 pieces in this lunch bag
We had the mozzarella, tomato, roasted red pepper and basil grilled cheese on crusty white bread
Off to the orchard and picking.

Plenty of apples and so many are on the ground.

Time for Apple cider doughnuts

Almost forgot to get a picture.  Warm and such a good fresh apple taste. 
We got a startle at first making our way around to the car by this character.
We didn't know he wasn't real at first.

We shopped around in the gift shop and there were plenty of Christmas gifts and crafts to be had.
I have never used these.  Will have to learn more about them
Different types.  Rosemary, sage etc..

That is it for this time around
A video of our trip up the mountain and a few other things.


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Hanover County Courthouse and Jail 2022

Took the grand girls to visit historical area of Hanover county va.  It was the day before voting and getting some area history in for them as the oldest was telling us she was learning about Patrick Henry in school.  Little on site history is good and she and her sister enjoyed it as Opa answered her questions.   

Entering the historical area to the jail and courthouse

Built about 1835

Walls are 24 inches thick of stone quarried from the South Anna river.
Used as a jail until the 1930's

Patrick Henry, the voice of the American Revolution, because of speeches' like "Give me liberty or give me death" for one. 
Thanks to Henry, Hanover has several sites to the road to revolution heritage trail.
Virginias first governor and served 5 terms.

Memorial to Confederate soldiers dedicated in 1914

We took the children with us to vote.  They both ask if they could.
Enjoying exposing grandgirls to local history this day and how it really happened.