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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garden week in Ashland Va. -- ( Pt. 1)

First I must say that the Ashland garden club made some of  the most beautiful floral arrangements.   Everything that was blooming in our area was in the arrangements. 

I wish I could show you the pictures of the homes inside,  but pictures were not allowed to be taken.

We went to several houses and gardens ,  so I will be posting those in days to come
Steve and I had a wonderful time touring gardens here in Ashland.  Beautiful vintage homes.
This one built in 1905 in the Neo - Classical style, over last thirty years this two story frame house has been renovated by the current owners.   Recently added is a wrapped porch with columns to the rear which duplicates the design of the original front porch., also introduced is  a "Charleston " style side entry.
A mixture of antiques - examples of Country, Hepplewhite, Victorian and Empire pieces.   The dining room has a 1905 Peking rug with a very large ornate gilded mirror.

    This is the back yard entrance

Lush beautiful greenery

 The old bicycle painted black is a nice touch in side yard

   look like chives planted here

You can see the tall asian statue on the porch in the corner
the screen for the porch is hidden until ready to use, it  can be raised or lowered to suit by remote

Down the steps are these wonderful candle lamps

Featured in the garden are rhododendron,  viburnum,  hydrangea and hellebores. 
Below is an  archway framed with lady banks roses and honeysuckle
to a  a shady- hidden garden framed by boxwoods
A nice quiet place to come and rest
center medallion is gargoyle

 flowers in pots on pedestals ,  windows , picnic tables

the shed is decorated with flowers too
2nd house is a wood frame Dutch Colonial built in 1912
Owners are Mathmatics professors at the college here -  Randolph Macon
renovations here included opening a 3rd story central staircase
original carved mantels in living room and dining room
Mathmatical artwork by the owners is found throughout the home
Again, no pictures of inside home were allowed

Not familiar with the type of windows here- 12 panes on top,  I like how they look on the home
pretty panseys in window boxes

garden art by owners

In the gardens are Peonies, Lancaster roses and hardy orchids
 the rambling cottage garden boast a   large collection of perennials
Many plants are pass alongs from friends and neighbors - I like exchanging plants with my friends, I try to record where they come from,  means a lot to me.
I purchased some butterflys like these at the strawberry faire here in Ashland. last May

colorful ornamentation placed in areas like this

windmill made from license plates

nice garden area along the fence - peas are grownig on the wooden trellis
 I didn't get to post the pictures of the chickens,  but yes there are some of those that live here and lay brown eggs

hit on Part two of garden week

More to come and Happy Sunday

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Liebster Award

I am honored to receive the Leibster award from a blogger friend Sandy of  My Alaskan Cottage .  I gratefully accept it.  
This  award is designed to bring awareness to other bloggers with 200 followers or less.

My duty is to nominate up 5 blogs I enjoy reading.   
When I give you the award, please pass on to up to 5 of your favorite bloggers.  
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 Heres mine:

Gold Country Cottage

Victorian Wanna Be

Reflections through the seasons

Hillside Garden

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My friend and I attended a seminar about colonial herbs at the Hanover Tavern last night.
One  herb in particular I wanted to try and learn more about is Loveage.   I have yet to try it but have heard that the flavor is a combination of Anise and Celery.  Use it as you would use parsley or celery but go lighter as the flavor is stronger.  Some use as a salt substitute.  It can grow to about 6 ft.  and every part is edible,  we were also informed that the stalk can be used as a straw.   I am thinking tomato based drinks. Likes fertile soil and takes partial shade too.  Seeds can be harvested and have sweeter flavor than leaves.  let the seeds turn brown and then cut stalk and use lke you would celery seeds.
cilantro and loveage on right
I always research the toxicity of  herbs if any and so far I have read that it shouldn't be consumed in first trimester of pregnancy - or if kidney damage - web md has info on it
Borage is another colonial herb,  supposed to have the flavor like that of cucumbers, young leaves are eaten in salads     I won't be eating it ,  but do like the pretty blue flowers.
I understand it can be a good companion plant for tomatos as it is supposed to help keep the tomato worm away from them.    Basil is supposed to do the same because of the scent the worm doesn't like.  Will try this too.
borage on right
Picture of Lavender farms,  where they have so many nice gifts , honey,  herbs, plants - a little of everything
Fernleaf,  very pretty - blooms summer to fall and once established , needs little watering - good for slopes
Dutch lavender,  a new one to me.   Used mainly by landscapers I was told because of mounding habit,  didn't need to be tended to like the other lavenders.    Blooming not as profuse as the other lavenders , but pretty growth habit
Beatiful lettuce

I always purchase their raw honey -  I will use the sun stick to measure amt of sun for planting my grapes
neat idea

been needing some teaspoons and found them here

back at carolyns house,   she has a new greenhouse potting shed
she and her husband built
plenty of light, as the roof is clear

nice place to go and work with things that you enjoy
pretty violets

I believe she called this rose "Jacobs coat"

 Pretty yard
there is parsley, sage, basil, etc in this area

til next time

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purple beauty and a few paintings

Finally the blooms opened on this azalea.  Not sure how long it has been here, or when the first owners planted it,  but it is huge.  
I believe it is call Karume azalea,  not sure though. It is an evergreen
the flowers look like a Lilly to me up close

the next few pictures are paintings that my nephew Karl did
He started painting as a hobby a year or so ago
He is self taught - I must say I think he has done a fine job on the paintings to follow

 the one above is a painting he did of his moms childhood home - A stately Victorian

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday and Fl.

My husband visited his family in Fl. a few weeks ago.

Palm Beach Shores
He said the water was a little too chilly

Steve stayed here - I like it here also

nice pavillion and
but the beach is so NICE

Riviera Beach on Singer Island
steven (son)

dad and son

Bill and Steven With
 Bill's bike

Lake shore drive,  Steve wanted to show the Publix gro. store because of the parking deck on 2nd level
I likc this idea,  doesn't have a parking lot that goes on for acres

entrance of blue heron bridge
Blue Heron bridge, Intracoastal

Johnny longboats restaurant on singer island
Steve likes the food here

  He always brings me something back and this time its a sweet smelling candle made from coconut shell.  Soy based candle, smells so nice. 

There  are bits of sea glass in the wax at the top she collects
I think I will have to order another

very nicely scented

until next time

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