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Monday, July 27, 2009

I remember when.......

I had to remind my children when they were very young, that when they took their shoes off to put them where they can find them later. They were always losing their shoes, either one of them would run into the house, kick them off and where they landed was anyones guess.

I found a pair the morning after Annette and Seth left. At first being a little fuzzy headed just waking up, I got excited for a moment when I saw them there. I soon realized that they were left and she forgot to take them with her. Seths book he was reading before bed the night before is still on the table open to where he left off of the story.

They are not as far away as they were a year ago, when they were living across the ocean. I am so thankful for that, but still I miss seeing them when they are not here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shirley plantation

I hope everyone has a great week-end, as for me I am planning on picking blackberries with a friend and catch up on some reading.
Sort of a lazy few days.
I took the following pictures in the fall of the year at Shirley Plantation,    I thought the landscape was pretty and just wanted to share the photos.
Have a great week end.

The link if you would like to read more about Shirley.
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Decendants still live here today.   Some of the original buildings below.

Tool barn

Shirley Plantation Home  the oldest plantation in va. built in 1613 . 
 Inside is the only original flying staircase that is left in the country    Hill and Carter family info here.

Cotton Field, I picked a few cotton balls from here and planted them this year. They did come up.

View of home facing river

Shirly faces the James River

Chicken house

Artifacts found on property


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Henricus Historical Park

May 1611, Sir Thomas Dale arrived in Va. , the London company instructed him to find an area to establish a new town for the Colony. He moved up the James River to establish Henricus, the colony’s second settlement. Pictures will enlarge when you click on them.

Seth and the Musket.

Pocahontas was captured by Captain Samual Argall in 1613,and was first taken to Jamestown. Sir Thomas Gates was fearful of Powhatan, and turned her over to Sir Thomas Dale at Henricus.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pretty flowers

Just some pretty flowers I had to post, sweet little person cutting some for the vase in kitchen.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Science Museum of Va

Science Museum of Va. Great hands on exhibits that Seth I believe tried everyone, well so did his mom and Oma.

I can't imagine being under water in this.

If you click on pictures , they will enlarge.

Annette is full of energy. Literally speaking.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kentucky Wonders

I am not talking about green beans either, I am talking about my daughter and grandson , Annette and Seth. I am so glad they decided to take an 11 hour trip from their home in Fort Campbell and visit us. No sooner did they get here that we were riding again visiting and seeing some history here in Va.
White house of Confederacy is one, Jefferson and Varina Davis's home. Beautiful interior with 50 percent of furnishings original. I wanted them to see this now as it will be closed (not sure when) in the future with furnishings sent to different museums for viewing. 
 Wish John could be here and hope he will be home soon.  

Pictures should enlarge when clicked on.
Hitching Post. Annette explaining to Seth that this is where the horses of the day were tied.

Front entrance to home on Clay street. Original gas lamps in front of home.

Window looking over gardens from porch.

Rear view of home, facing gardens.

Old iron posts that were replaced sitting in basement area.

Faint image of carpet taken from porch, you can see the colorful carpet and pretty summer curtains.
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