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Thursday, May 31, 2018

:Blogger comments.

Don't know what is wrong in blogger but my comments are thrown into the "waiting for moderation area".  I used to get them coming directly to my email but now they are not.  I sometimes respond to comments by email but not as easy when the comments are sitting and waiting for me.
I hope it doesn't continue this way.
If things don't change,  I will just leave my response in my comment section under post. 


  1. There are a lot of changes, Betsy. Some of my followers have not been able to comment on my blog for weeks now. I've always left responses on my blog. I hope you don't mind. ♥

  2. I noticed that I have not gotten comment by email since 5?24. I am monitoring them in the comment section of Blogger and responding to them using that...

  3. Betsy, I'm with you. But, I have heard that Blogger is aware of the problem and is working on fixing it. So I guess it will be just a wait and see game..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  4. I'm also facing problem, I'm not getting the notifications of comments in my mail..

  5. Well---I'm with you, my Friend... I do most all of my communication with Blog Friends through email --and now ---NONE...... Very frustrating... Mine aren't even in the 'waiting for moderation' area.... NOTHING... I hope they get it fixed soon....


    1. mine are in moderation area but I would rather have them come to the email. Just so dag gone frustrating like you said. It's been broke a while now. maddening


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