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Sunday, October 16, 2016

At home now

The way the sun hits the plants this time of  year brings their color out so crisp and vivid.
Nice to see such color upon arriving in driveway.

Beautiful dahlia to greet at Lamp post.

along with more mums that were planted from pots several years ago.

Already fall - hard to believe the year has just flown

Wreath on my door to greet

Glad to be home after - Total Knee Replacement - surgery.
five days prior to that,  I had a root canal done. 
The meds I need are less now but still take,  give me a headache, nothing I can do about it, have tried several and have tried several nausea meds too.
No picnic.

although swollen - having ice packs laid across the knee, felt  good

Beautiful view from my bed.  Bet the view will be even prettier in a few weeks when the leaves change color.

Best invention yet I think are the foot pumps for circulation to reduce risks of blood clots.

Hurt  afterwards, maybe for some it's easier.   The third day was the worst.
My daughter is staying a week with me and I am so happy and fortunate to have her.
Husband Steve a great help,  running around making sure everything was safe and secure at home.   He always makes sure I have everything I need.

The nurse came in the second day I was  home.  She answered any questions I had  and took blood.
Now physical therapy in home for a couple weeks 
Bon Secours a good choice for therapy at home after hospital stay.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New repurposed

My sister Lynn, who lives in Corinna Maine repurposed this well worn head and footboard you see in the picture below

to this -- she made the pillows and seat cushion
which she won for best repurposed

this chair is a beauty some one recovered and won

Beautiful painting some one did on this dresser

a neat table for the porch or outside I would like

from this pedestal

love this color on this buffet

All of these at Traditions in Corinna Maine.
I see I will have to take a large vehicle when I visit.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lazy Sunday

First off - What has blogger done to my BLOG LIST?  It's gone.  Is anyone else missing theirs?
One more time - will start putting some back

Few Sunday flowers in the yard.   Sort of a lazy day for us here, sometimes I like it that way.
Still a little over cast but thats o.k., I feel that way too.

potted mums on either side of sidewalk

Little fuzzy, taken with my cell phone

Making a pumpkin tree.   Gluing these little see pod pumpkin shapes on a cone.

Was supposed to have a TKR tomorrow,  developed a tooth ache Friday late, so now that is all put off til I get my tooth taken care of.   I am not happy at all about that.

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