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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

lewis ginter (2)

More of my visit and some beautiful flowers in bloom.  I've yet to see these magnolia trees bloom and must make a point of trying to get here when they do this year.

Potted flowers as we make our way to the gardens.

Crepe myrtles are getting their leaves

Siberian Iris

roof iris

Eastern red bud.  I guess it's trained this way.  Looks like mostly gnarly limbs hanging down with pretty heart shaped leaves.

Chionanthus Virginicus
or Fringe tree

Nice garden seat to sit and take in the garden

natural area with tree house for children

Inside the library there was a table set up to try one's hand at paper folding with instructions
This is a display of origami on the book case

The rose topiary is just beautiful

a close up of the roses


Genevieve said we needed lunch

short video of rose garden and azaleas
Part One is → Here 


  1. Such a beautiful post, the flowers are stunning a feast for the eyes.

    1. Thank you and glad you enjoyed seeing the plantings.

  2. Oh, Betsy, that is such a beautiful place. That lake looks like glass. Your header pic (peony?) is so gorgeous. xxoJudy

  3. I think I need those gardeners to come visit my house and help me tackle some of these stubborn weeds!!! Gorgeous gardens, I could spend all day in that gazebo.

  4. Oh MY! What a beautiful place to spend the day. I love places like that!

  5. Thank you for sharing the beauty of Lewis Ginter, Betsy! I love it there and have yet to visit this spring. Hopefully, soon. I enjoyed your sweet videos. The espaliered magnolia must be gorgeous in bloom. Genevieve has a great idea there! ♥


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