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Friday, March 25, 2011

Raised bed ideas

My friend and I visited  Lavender fields herb farm in Glen Allen Va. yesterday and I got some ideas on how to  plant some veggies this year above ground.   I tillered and planted a large area last year, we had some heavy rains that ruined the garden.   This year I am planting in little areas .  I think especially since my property is on a slant, planting in raised beds are best.

I like the rock ,  I have plenty of that I can work with at home.
 stump or root of the tree as an accent

My daffodils in kitchen window

Steve brought me these home the other night,   I have some yellow ones growing in the yard that haven't bloomed.  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day Trip

My husband and I took a trip to Colonial Beach in Va and walked the beach looking for shell and pretty pieces of driftwood.  It was breezy and walking in the sand feels good to me, I like the exercise.
  A little beach town on the Potomac river.  As I stand  on the shore I can see Maryland in the distance.   

A place to stay on the beach

As we were touring the beach, saw this  new home. I  like the screened porch on the front.

riding along side the river is some creative private entrances to piers
I liked this one

These two seemed to be everywhere
Looking towards shore is some lovely homes

Steve showing me a piece of drift he found,  shaped like the letter Y-

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A walk outside

Still very wet from the rain a couple days ago.  But so nice to be out in the warmth of the sunshine.
The daffodils are not as pretty this year, not as many blooms I should say.  Could be more I guess coming.
Steve raked up more leaves especially around the house to keep things dry.
Daffodil growing in woods next to house

Little frog hanging from the holly

You can see the reflection in the water of the trees and sky
Many buds on the dogwoods


The sunset yesterday.   I watched it as I sit on the front steps of my house,  so pretty is the pink and orange glow.

Afterwards I came inside and got out my mugs I bought in Maine a few years ago.   I like these mugs with the lobster handles,  I thought they were cute.  Can't see the handles to well. 
 frothed milk in my coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon

I purchased these pots locally, the small was $10 and the two larger ones were $15.  I thought they were priced decent for the size and they are cement pots.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grits and Shrimp

For brunch today ( we got up real late) I decided to have grits with something.   Heard of grits with shrimp but never tried it.   Grits were prepared according to package directions along with the water I sprinkled in celery seed - love the taste of celery, sea salt, and olive oil.  I would have added a packet of chicken bouillon (low sodium) but was out of that.    After I fixed mine,  I read that some people use milk instead of water.  I would rather use water myself

  After it cooks enough - it's put in a casserole dish.   On top goes my shredded 3 oz's. pepper jack cheese along with 3 oz's. cheddar.  Shrimp is thawed and placed on top with paprika, another fave. of mine.
  Placed in oven on 350 when all is looking good - it's eaten right away. Yummmmmm

Canned apples I put up in October heated with cinnamon sugar and honey along with the dish.  Now for a nap.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drum point lighthouse and museum-Solomans Island

Located in Calvert county Md..   The grandchildren enjoyed the museum so much.   They got to touch a sea turtle, starfish and fish.    They really liked the otters.

 bridge to island.
Steven, Jenn holdng Tyler and Ryan standing
on second level of lighthouse

You can see him with his head sticking out of shell
never want to see one of these in person

I had to get a quick shot of them here.  Seemed like as soon as they hopped in the boat and put on their hats, they were back out again ready to see something else. 

Looks cozy,  but took a lot of work to make it feel that way I'm sure.

view from upstairs
Drum Point lighthouse was constructed in 1883 to mark the entrance to the Patuxent river.   This screw style cottage type light is one of only three that remain of 45, that at the beginning of the 20th century served the Chesapeake bay. Decommissioned in 1962, it has been beautifully restored.
We took a walk along the beach looking for sea glass.  I found a couple pieces,  very pretty place.

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