Monday, December 10, 2018

Calm before the snowstorm

Windmill point beach, Friday 7th 2018

I did find some shells and a piece of green sea glass

taken around 4 pm on friday

After the Snow

This morning the snow really is glistening with the sun shining.

big snow ball outside of window

playhouse in snow.  too cold to actually go outside.  took it from window.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Adalyn Birthday on Saturday and a Snowy Sunday

First we had a happy family day birthday for Adalyn who is 7 on Saturday.
Today on Sunday she had fun at Chucky cheese with a few friends starting at 9 o'clock a.m. and the snow started.

She is making a wish and thinking about it.

Oh yes and we had to sing Happy Birthday

Their tree was put up early and here she is showing me what she made for it.

Today Sunday
Still snowing out and it is pretty.  I was out in it earlier on my trip to Bass Pro Shops. Just a little then at 11:30 a.m..

nice fire to warm inside

around 12:15

After running by the grocery store to pick up a few groceries.  There was much more and icy.

coming in the drive

Can't believe how fast and hard this stuff came down.

 Such a relaxing view

Snowing clip

night fall

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Catching up

Haven't been posting much since the painting in the house and other things to be taken care of. 
Will start posting soon to my Christmas blog as I have some pictures to share of my tree and a few decorations. I put not many out this year as I just didn't feel like going through them.  I even put up the skinny tree in the living room instead of the larger tree I purchased last year.  Oh well, maybe next year I will feel like it.
A picture of Mom at the Nursing Home on her birthday.  She so enjoyed visiting with us and opening her presents.

 A story she loves to tell is of me when we lived on Church hill when I was way young and how I used to sneak out the door and run down the street to the fire station.  Mom said a fireman was always bringing me back.  I remember walking with my grandmother and looking in the windows to watch Nolde's bread being baked.  I was brought out a small loaf a few times by one of the workers wrapped to take home.  Love those memories.

 Donna brought Mom a lemon cake as that is her favorite kind..  Sister Lynn that lives in Maine sent her pretty flowers that are in her room with a balloon.  Mama loves getting flowers. She had many a flower garden and tended them daily too.

Smiling  for the camera.

Steve and I  visited Adalyn at her school where the children made pictures of pilgrims etc.. and they all sang a song about being proud and thankful for this land.

Here she is with an award and picture she held up while they all sang.
She has a great teacher and one thing I like among many is the fact that she reminds them to be mannerly and show consideration for one another.

On our way to the car we stopped and admired artwork of the students.  Adalyn made this one.  She traced  her hands for the tree and tore pieces of paper for the leaves.  I also noticed right away how she kept  the colors of her leaves separated by color as she glued them to the tree.

Now onto Thanksgiving.  Steve and I had a quiet dinner at home.  Missing from this plate is the cranberry sauce we did have also, love that stuff.   I always have to make mac n cheese and the best part about that is when it's a day or two old, add tomato sauce,   mix well and bake in the oven.  Love it this way.  At elementary school when I was a little girl,  canned tomatoes were mixed in and baked as a side dish the next day.  So good it was.
 Not all could get together in one place for Thanksgiving.  Some years are like this.  Everyone is well and safe, can't ask for more than that.   Much to be grateful for.

Finally the truck was able to get the mule out to put the lavender house in it's final place in the yard.    Would have been nice if I had taken a picture of it in the yard.  Will do that soon.

This is what it's been looking like around here.  The ugly off white is what's being painted over.  The finished color you can see beyond that is  Sherwin Williams Repose  gray, a color I am very pleased with.

My nephew Karl is moving on to the entry way.  He does a fantastic job.

Well that's it for right now.   On to getting my decorations finished.  I haven't even put the wreath on the door yet.  Worse than that, I have hardly done any shopping, only a few things.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mom visit

Thursday November 15.  A Thanksgiving dinner was prepared by the nursing home.  We had a table for our family and it was nicely decorated for the season..  Four family members could attend. I went with Genevieve. My brother and his wife attended.
Mom ate every bite and was happy to have us there as always.  Wanda and Karl stayed to play scrabble as Mom loves scrabble.  She is very good at it also.  Hard to believe she will be 97 on her birthday this month. Her joints work better than mine.

The table was decorated very nice with festive place settings and candles.
I wish my camera had taken better pictures but I only got one or two.
Thursday was a terrible downpour and my car after running through high water started acting up but it got better, thankfully.

Genevieve going ahead of me

candle decoration

My brother and Mom .  Wished my pictures taken with my cell phone had turned out, but only a few did.

The meal was delicious!

The small creek as we were leaving was full and flowing

It got worse as the day progressed: lots of high water.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Elkton Va..

Steve and I took a day trip November 4.  We wanted to see the leaves before they finished turning and most already done  so.   Pretty drive to the mountains.

Elkton, an incorporated town in Rockingham county Virginia.   Formerly known as Conrad's store built by George Conrad.
 Adam Miller  was one of the first European -  Americans to settle here and a native of Germany.   Miller purchased 820 acres in 1741 which included a large lithium spring near Elkton.   He sold 280 acres to his son in law, Jacob Baer.  The spring on Millers land is still known as Bear Lithium spring.
We ate at this little diner and across the street had to get a closer look at this old home.  Beautiful I am sure in its day as is the beautiful picturesque farmland that surrounds it.

I hope it will be restored.  Looks the worst for wear though.

Pretty fields and barns surrounding it.

On the way back home we took a more scenic route.  We noticed the signs Swannanoa.  We haven't been able to visit this place which has been about 23 or 24 years ago.  Happened to be it was the last two day week end it would be open until May of 2019.  So excited to be able to tour it.
More on the Mansion in next post.
Swannanoa.  The summer home of  James and Sallie Mae Dooley.  Their Richmond Virginia home is Maymont.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Lavender house

Steve and I ordered a playhouse for the grand girls.  It was delivered on the wettest day.  The ground was soft.  The truck bringing it in got stuck, so the big tow was called in, well it was a nightmare.
 Anyhow, here are some pictures of the house where she sits right now.
A mule as they call it will be brought here on the 17th to place it where it needs to be in the yard.

Entrance for the children.  The rear of the playhouse has a full size door for adults.

Little loft area.

It has vinyl window with screens. The front door is a little dutch door and already the girls are talking about decorating a Christmas tree.  Be fun for a long while.  They love to do crafts so this will be good for that too.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Happy Sunday

A beautiful one it is for sure.  Sunny and cold I must say.  Such a great day to be thinking about Thanksgiving and dinner etc..

So to get ready for it, we are doing this

Yep, my nephew is painting a much needed living room , hall and entry way.

No better time for me to do things than at the holidays!

Not sure at this point what window treatment I will want but whatever it is, I will have someone come in to do it.  I don't want to put up hardware anymore.  Tired of climbing and not getting it done right the first time.

Entryway will not be fun to do as the ceiling is so high
Hallway to be done

This fixture in entry way, not too bad but not sure I want to keep it.

Well this my Sunday and hope all are having a great one!