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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring flowers and lewis ginter gardens

Miranda , Adalyn and I took in the beauty at Ginter last week.  First lunch in the Cafe , I really like the shrimp salad with dill.   The red pepper lobster bisque is good also ,  everything as always is fresh and so good.

These are so festive and are as good as they look
I like the plantings of daffodils and violets together
I read that if I plant daffodils around tulips , the tulips are protected from being eaten by whatever eats them,  I think voles, not sure.  Anyway the daffodils I understand are not tasty and that the other bulbs will be left alone.
fragrant and beautiful

Trellis in front of Lewis Ginter home
she feels the metal chair  and thinking about it.    I took this with a different setting and think it was set on the
"forest setting"
Mom just finished feeding her lunch,  very serious look on her face,  she knows she has something in her hand.  She feels the bench.    They take in so much - remarkable
I like how the shadows of the tree limbs reflect in the pavement
blossoms overhead

Addy would love to grab the colorful blossoms
she eventually will I am sure.

very nice benches made for the gardens,  also sold in the gift shop

we enjoyed the lillies here

glass in the garden

deep red

Easter bunny's house
This little house is always decorated for the season.
so cute

I am looking forward to azaleas to bloom.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frontier Culture - 3

Last of my pictures include the 1820's Americana farmhouse . and 1850's farmhouse.    Culture  remained strong among the Va Germans.  Many kept their language and customs unique to them  through the 1800's.   Homes had what they needed
Women and girls worked as hard as the men and boys - as it is known they assisted them with the fieldwork. Among their  household chores,  linen and wool cloth was made, meals included saurkraut and scrapple ,  good info on all is found here -
The frontier culture museum is the only place of it's kind in the world as stated by David McCullough

By the 1850's -  Improved road network along with water and rail made it easier for Valley farmers and manufacturers to ship their goods  - Also made easier for valley residents to receive manufactured goods from Europe.   They didn't have to make their own textiles or necessities.
More information available in the form of books,  and newspapers made them more aware of the outside world.

nice handpainted floor cloths

This room shows original color

I like the sconce with the mirror to reflect light from candle

Early American school house shown here is a reconstruction of the Shuler school in Rockingham County.
So named because it is believed to constructed by Noah Shuler on his farm around the 1840's.
Rockingham county public shools donated it to the  Frontier Museum in 2007

A look into one of the out bldgs on farm

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frontier Cultural Museum and English home - 2

 The settings for the homestead is perfect,  as we walk up to the home this is what we see in the distance
A yeoman's farmers house built in 1692 in Worchestershire England,  migration to America from the western shires during Colonial times  included many yeoman farmers and English commoners.    A nice home owned by someone successful at that time.   

Owners of this home more than likely did not migrate to Colonial America
This is a nice house for that time period

original brick flooring

very smokey inside
She is explaining to us that the heavy cooking was done Saturday for Sunday and rest of the week

beautiful cupboard

found him sleeping on bed upstairs - I have always been a dog person first,  but he is so cuddly and sweet, could scoop him up and hug him

upstairs view

neat the way we can see the numbers to assemble this home after it arrived here.

trundle bed
I see the ropes to pull tight and sleep tight as the saying goes , don't let the bed bugs bite

bed chamber

I want to go back to see the gardens being planted.

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