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Friday, March 27, 2020

Baby blanket

When my daughter came for a visit about a month ago.   She wanted us to make a baby quilt together.  Well there wasn't enough time in a week end to do one by hand.   I prefer doing them that way so she picked up some squares of fabric.   She measured them and we both cut them out and I sewed together on the machine.   I machine quilted on the machine also.
Annette sitting here getting the squares straight.

I am holding it here.  She wanted a picture before she left and I hate to take pictures anyway.  It is so worse  taking them in a hurry without a chance to fix my hair even and not stand in front of a wreath on the door that makes it look like something is in my hair. 
Here is a dress Annette wore home from the hospital.  She wanted to take it home, so we washed it and she fixed the ribbon. It's 48 years old and in good shape.  Made in Italy.
On top of unfinished quilt

Haven't heard if they got the blanket yet but I hope I see a picture soon. 
Oh,  the blanket and the dress is for our great grand daughter,  yes a great grandma I am.  Seth is only 19 and in college and Haley is 19.  But they are taking good care of their baby and who knows, it may be a love that lasts a lifetime.  I am praying.   I am hoping for a picture of the baby with the blanket.  I would hope so.  
Annette and John are in Michigan helping take care of them for a while.  Hope they stay in close to home.  

Staying kinda put

Had to get out very early to shop a few things at Publix.  They open at 7 for seniors and people who are at risk.
I got what I needed and shelves were pretty well stocked I must say.
I also took the grand girls out for a drive through lunch and a ride around the back roads here since it was so pretty and sunny.
We passed this old vine covered building.  Won't be standing much longer I am sure.

Here is another.  Log cabin.

Before the "staying put" movement started.  We took a drive to Port Royal area and stopped here at a vintage shop. Here at the front of the shop was a part of a boat that the girls posed in front of.

Inside was this life-size bunny that Adalyn isn't too thrilled about posing with.
 Genevieve and a forced smile.  

This lilac I pulled up last September and potted, shown here a couple weeks ago

Here yesterday.  Leafed out.

Short video of azaleas.  Not in full bloom yet except for a few.  The large ones that I cut about a foot off of last year after bloom are loaded with buds.  I have to trim the tops some because they were just too tall.        You can't see the buds very well but they are there.

More mulching and painting some window trim today.  

Happy Friday

Monday, March 16, 2020


Staying at home more makes for getting some things done.  I do grocery shop and run errands etc..
Do not understand why I walk into the grocery store and see NO toilet paper.  Why would people hoard this?  It's what they have on their mind I guess, with giving no thought to anyone else.
I buy extra during the year so I won't run out but not in the quantities that some do.. Geesh!!!
Glad to see limits put on some products where I shop.

Woke up Sunday to a dreary day and I mean all day dreary.

I made my way downstairs to the sweet scent of Hyacinths in the window.  Such a pleasant scent too.

Out in the back yard.
Looking to the field is the Forsythia still bloom pretty.  Field is usually green in the summer but not right at the moment.

I have several of these boxwoods that I pulled from under ones in the yard and put in pots. I am training as a topiary here.  Will see how it looks as time goes on.

Seeds I started like tomatoes, zinnias and a few cukes.  I much  rather sow those directly in the ground.

Zinnias are up

Tomato seeds just starting

Plenty of these piles being raked up from one Hemlock in the yard.  We had one trimmed and one removed.  I don't like these trees in the yard.  Near wood line is o.k. but not in yard.   I have seedlings that grow fast in the yard also.  I have put a couple in pots to train or cut into a shape.  

Will be trimming this one up today hopefully.

Some items I picked up from our local nursery.  I love shopping there.  The cute little porcelain bath tub for soap.  Two dinner plate dahlias to plant along with pineapple sage and holly hock.  I purchase the sweet smelling hand soap of Verbena scent with olive oil for the kitchen.
The grow bags are long and as they are filled with dirt I will plant maybe some petunias in one.  Each bag has rows of slits to the top for flowers or other plants and a hanger at top to hang on fence post.  I will be planting in these very soon.  

I am going to try this again this year to see if I have any luck with these tubers.

Three of my pretty Spring flowers that are blooming right now.  Daffodil, Dewdrop and Forsythia.

Nice peaceful evening it was

Til next time

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Happy Thursday

I think Spring is making it's way here and no such luck for snow now I don't guess.
I was cleaning up a few areas that need it badly in the yard and saw a few volunteer plants like this
red leaf lettuce.

Chives coming up 

Looks like this lilac I pulled from the larger one in the yard made it.

Hydrangea really needs to be put in the ground. Second season in this pot.

This is a mini rose I purchased after valentines day on sale at Walmart last year.  I put it in this pot in the ground.  The bottom I removed from the pot so it would grow well and keep critters from it til it took off.  Looking good so far.

A daffodil I picked from the yard.  Its in a vase in my window downstairs

Close up of dew drop, the only flower so far.

My daughter gave me this to try and I am waiting for the planting medium to absorb with water so I can put the flower seeds in.

These box are in much need of clipping now.

Forced Forsythia on porch

That's about it for today
back outside to do more clearing.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Covington Va and Covered Bridge

On our way home from Warm Springs in Bath County Va..  We decided another stop will be the covered bridge we had read about and wanted to see.   We stopped in a place to ask where it was located in the little town and the lady told us with all the rain we would probably have to see it from a distance.   We decided to go anyway and glad we took a chance because the water had receded.

One of the oldest remaining covered bridges in Virginia
Just west of Covington Virginia located in Allegheny County
Thought to be the only arched covered bridge in existence.

1820's the first bridge was built
washed away by flood in 1837.
1842 the second one flooded.
The third in 1856, gone.
Traffic stopped in 1929 and steel truss bridge built.

Neglected and used to store hay by farmers til the 1950's
Women's club of Covington and Covington chamber of commerce
raised the funds to have it restored.

Kind of blurry but reads that Humpback Bridge is a Love work destination
The love Work structures are a focal point of social media campaign to share a message that love is part of every Virginia vacation.
The "L" was created with bricks from the area
The "O" is from one of the retired paper machines at Mead/Westvaco representing history of manufacturing in the area
The "V" is a natural feature created from the tree on the creek bank
The "E" was created with railroad ties representing the railroad to our community

As you can see here the LOVE

A video of bridge and park area
A cold, windy day with pretty sun shine.

Covington is a beautiful area we will return to explore more.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Round home

Checking out the yard and seeing what is looking so bad.  So wet and soggy in some areas.  I dislike that moss so much in between some of the grass or what used to be grass. 
Not many daffodils at all but I did see some where I didn't see any last year, don't know why.

Forest area.  We have lost a lot of trees and some we have had taken out also.
But quite a few have fallen I guess because of wetness of the ground

This daffodil at the base of the tree above

We will probably be removing this old shed and replace with another in this spot

short clip of little creek area in my side yard

Forsythia and I hope to see yellow flowers on it soon.

This past Friday we took the girls to Science after Dark at the Science Museum of Virginia..
Here they are making snow men from paper cups with all kinds of buttons, straws, pipe cleaners etc.  that was out on the huge table for crafting upstairs.

They enjoy crafting and making things and when we go to the museum, it's upstairs to the craft room right away.

waiting for their food here in the cafe at museum.

This sweater was made by my son and daughter's (on their dad's side) gr great aunt

I had quite a bit of little holes in it to mend and then washed.  Surprised it's in the shape it's in and still a strong garment.
Little pearl buttons or shell buttons(not sure what you call them) are still on and original and I like how she made the button holders out of the trim yarn.

Another craft I have gotten back to is my beaded flowers.   I use magnifying glasses to see the holes to put on the wire.  

til next time - Betsy

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