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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day

In Heaven, Daddy

This is an old picture taken of Daddy on the left in Daytona Beach Florida with a friend at the races.  He loved the races then.   I am working on my pictures and getting them clearer and most are not in the best shape.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

It's Summer

Month of June is just about gone.  Rainy here the next few days off and on but that's o.k.
 My sister and her husband came for a visit and we rode to Bath County.  Had a lunch at a little restaurant which was nice.   Things are opening as they should be.

Gorgeous view over the mountains at Dan Ingalls over look

Little hard to read the marker here but here is a link →to historical markers

We took the little day trip with my  sister and brother in law 

On our way and a stop as we looped around to get back home.  I like how it's not overly populated here and people are friendly, no rudeness.  I wish I could talk my husband into having a place here.  

Jefferson Pools are just about ready to collapse, sad to say.

Pretty little church in the area.

Brother in law, husband and sister 

Omni Homestead not open but getting ready it looks to be.   We are talking about staying a few nights here.  Pretty area.

spending a few nights here after opening is on our to do list.

I need some geraniums. The red ones here are just so deep red.

A peek into the windows.  I love the urns sitting on that fireplace.
re opening on June 29th.  

Short clip of our outing

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Happy Sunday

Out early this morning with coffee.  Yesterday terribly muggy but have a few pictures from both days.

A look out of our office window this morning

I have more to cut and dry but first a few clippings from the French sorrel and curly kale for salad
A few sprigs of dill also for a macaroni  salad

Nice to have something pretty to see everyday.  

These trees grow close to the little creek bed.  Not sure the name I have heard a wild magnolia.  Don't know.

I decided to put the hollyhock in a container this year and see if it will do better.  Begonias always come back with huge leaves.

 A few tomatoes doing well I started from seed

πŸ˜‰til later

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Happy Sunny Sunday

Just come in from watering my plants and now thinking about going to Home Depot to purchase some more petunias.  They have color all through the summer for the pots and ground.  Seems like the more I trim them, the more they grow thicker and more blooms.

In the pot at the steps are zinnia that I put there as seed and they are growing very well.

I have a mum in this pot that I picked off two stems and as you can see they have already rooted from a few weeks ago.  They are teeny but grow fast.


Yesterday morning it was just as pretty with shadows cast on back yard along with a picture of my mini rose that is loaded with blooms

Peas with blooms.  I have a few more plants of them in the bed nearby

A birthday gift for Steve and I placed it at his office window.  Like the way he flaps his wings in the wind.
 A week and a half ago.  The children painting pictures outside.  I ask them to paint something that was out in the yard.   Adalyn painted horses, Genevieve painted the beach with sand.  Neither is in my yard, but they wished so I imagine.

I moved sweet williams and hopefully next year there will be more when they re seed.  

Had to share a picture Genevieve drew of her holding hands with Great Grandma.  She showed it to her on zoom and will mail it to her.  I told mom I would drop her off a strawberry shake and of course she loved that idea.  We were met at the front and the lady we always talk to took it straight to her.  

More pictures from our walk around the town of Gordonsville in Orange County Va.

Of course I just like looking at the pretty potted plants.  Window shopping not bad either as I saved some money.

Must try this French restaurant when the doors are open for dinner again.
 Happy Sunday

Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday Monday

What a dreary and drizzly day.  Was hoping to get some seeds planted but will have to wait til the days are a little dryer.  Did plant tomatoes a few days ago.

Out this morning and this beautiful tea rose which is over 15 years old and has moved with me twice.  Wish I had the name but do not.
Water droplets stayed on as I picked and brought on the porch.

A red rose of mine I took on Sunday in the sunshine.  

tea rose in front yard in front of my boxwoods.  This one of the six that was in the Valentines day pot I purchased from Walmart in 2019, they are called miniature roses.  I took them all out and planted.  Three survived.  

Sweet William I have growing in front of my hydrangea

My husbands birthday was the 11th and the children fixed dinner of shish ka bob chicken and beef.  
Also another one of his favorites is bratwurst.   
Enjoyed it so much.

I told him to hold on for a minute but he woofed it down too fast.  That long green thing is asparagus he devoured and all cooked on the grill.

Cant see the greeting on the cake too well, I got the gel instead of the frosting tube.   Publix makes the best truffle cake.  Such smooth chocolate layer of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a layer of chocolate cake.  They make the best cakes I have ever eaten and I have eaten many.

The girls made him presents and they are such sweet thoughtful children.  Genevieve made him a mat and a cross.  

Adalyn made him a caterpillar and he even has eyes.   she cut squares of felt and pierce a hole in them and then put a string through them.  

She made her gift box from paper bowls.

A delicious recipe for onion soup I found on Lady Carnarvon's Website.  I made it and topping it off with truffle oil really made it for me.  So delicious. 
Found on the site below along with other recipes I will try also.
I think I like this better than my favorite French onion soup now. 

click   Lady Carnarvon 

I made mini muffins with Martha Washington Cream Cheese and Strawberry mix for breakfast Sunday and added walnuts.  It was good.  

til next time


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