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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Touring Maymont

My husband and I toured Maymont House tuesday before all of the decorations were taken down.  Opulence is the word I use to describe the Dooleys,  their decorating style was  ecclectic.   Statue to greet you at the entrance,  draperies hung at  two doorways,( 2 is what I remember anyway)  gorgeous china.  The swan bed in her bedroom brought from their summer home "Swannoa".   Oak trim and paneling in home is local and beautifully carved.

It was Fun to see how an 1893 Christmas was spent by the Dooleys.

Beautiful tree decorated with handmade ornaments, such as paper cones and glittered pictures that looked like this one I purchased from "Through the Garden Gate".  I must  make some of these next year.  Our guide told us that presents would be tucked into the branches with the decorations. 

The best I can show of the tree is this Poster that greeted us from the gazebo coming onto the grounds

Beautiful green garlands were strung in one room from the chandelier to four corners of the ceiling.
The packages were wrapped in white paper and tied with red ribbons.
Mrs. Dooley we were told - liked to use red satin ribbons in her home for Christmas.   The bows were simply tied,  I like that better.
They were beautiful.  
Upstairs was a sitting area  with wrappings , ribbons and such, as if packages were in the process of being wrapped.
ribbon was strung leading from the light fixture in the ceiling with childrens names.  We were told that the children would have their name attached to a ribbon and the child would follow it to a gift,  some gifts were in chairs.
I think I may try that next year with some little ones.

Beautiful wreaths outside and in. 

This home is a must see if visiting Richmond , Va. 

 View from entrance into home

Beautiful light fixture on porch entrance

View of statues from entrance looking towards river

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

James Center - downtown Richmond

The children - Steven and Jenn and grandchildren , Ryan and Tyler came to visit on Sunday.  After exchanging Christmas gifts,  we took a ride downtown afterwards to see the Christmas decorations.  The children loved it and a good time we all had. 

Beautiful clear skies as we are heading downtown.   I did notice that downtown didn't seem to be as lit up as last year.   Everywhere seemed different this year. 

Reflections in glass on bldgs.

James Center Sculpture

closeup of one of the sculptures

I put the Christmas decoration of  the James Center here -

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not a creature was stirring - didn't last long though

Here are some pictures of night before and day of Christmas pictures.   I stayed up until 3 in the morning getting last minute things done and then early to rise in the morning. 
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this lil birds nest is made from horse hair, a friend I used to work with gave it to me from her farm.

Christmas Morning

Sister Lynn and Niece Amy

My dodo bird, Lynn gave it to me several Christmas's ago

Headin Home

Annettte, John, Seth are heading back to Tn. ,  sure hate to see them go.  I am so happy that they came for Christmas.  Annette helped with everything here,  cleaning, cooking and wrapping,  yeah I did help.  She is just  so fast.  Seth and his Dad cleared ice and snow from the whole driveway.  They worked hard,  we thank them so much for all of their help. 
On Thursday evening we went to church together,  so many people attending service that some were turned away , just wasn't enough room in the Church.   There were three services thankfully.  

inside church.

Beautiful flowers at service

Here is mom and grand daughter - Annette

Mom with great grandson - Seth

Yes, we are truly Blessed

candle glow-peaceful

I hope to  post the Williamsburg Pictures ,  tomorrow on Christmas Blog

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow - looks like 17 inches about

I love snow and we got it.   This is a picture of my house around 4:30 on the 18th.
Click on pics to enlarge
here is a picture of my house on the same evening at around 8:30

Looks like cotton candy on the boxwoods with the snow and colored lights under it.

Thats all for now.

I put some christmas pictures here

Calling for more snow tonight.