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Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. When I say I am sitting around,  I mean AROUND.   I feel I gained 10 pounds.   Nice warm day and that meant that we could eat outside as well as inside.    My niece has to have Gluten/wheat free/dairy and egg free foods.   She would love to eat these foods, but just cannot.
I made her a coconut cake with apple sauce instead of eggs,  crisco instead of butter, coconut milk with guar gum . Tasted pretty good.  She liked it. 

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This mix is rice flour.

finished cake

Here are some pics of some of the family,  could not get them together or find them to take a picture, everyone scatters.
Here is Wyatt,  so happy to see everyone.

Jamie my grand niece holding the wreath I made her.

could not quite get them alll to look at once.

Kendall my grand niece

One more time


Amy my miece with mom (her grandma)
She is visiting for Thanksgiving and will be
heading back to JMU sunday.

Jessica my grand niece who is also in college   I know it's Thanksgiving , but we might as well
put up mom's tree while we are here.  So that is why there is a tree on Thanksgiving in her living room

my sister DonnaDelany and Samantha

Then we headed over to my sons home to see his tree

His Elvis collection and guitars,
Donna will have a fit when she sees this
picture of herself with eyes closed.

Well maybe I will get my tree decorated soon.   It's up with lights , just needs ornaments.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Talking Turkey

I want to wish everyone a most Happy Thanksgiving and remember there is plenty to be Thankful for.
I am having dinner at Mom's and everyone is bringing a dish or two.  
Mom is 88 and just had a b'day yesterday.  Rachel took her out to lunch and shopping.   I am thankful to be able to share Thanksgiving with her and the rest of the family.   She makes the best Hot rolls and lemon pies, of course she has the best potato salad also.   I am getting hungry now.   Oh I almost forgot, I like turkey too.
Will post pics friday.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty gift

I got the nicest gift in the mail and it is from Karen at" Teacups and Twigs",  the blog is listed on my side bar and it will take you to her shop also.   Some really pretty items.

My name was drawn for October and I was sent the prettiest Purple velvet bag filled to the brim with aromatic Lavender buds,  and along with that was this dainty teacup that is so pretty.   I thank her very much and this was such a sweet surprise. 

So nicely wrapped in this pretty pink paper.   

Thank You so much Karen  of " Teacups and Twigs"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More stuff

"Through the Garden Gate" ,  has some nice stuff and the Christmas decorations  put me in the mood for decorating at my home .  
  My collection of dishes is growing,  will have to part with some to make room for more.   I can never have enough glasses or sets of dishes. the ones I found look like diner dishes  ( I guess one could call them that).  I like the coffee cups, as they keep the coffee hot longer.   $20.00 for them.    Hey made in U.S.A.,  don't see much of that anymore.  

I found this little doll chair,  I may re-cover it, although a cleaning will suffice, it's in very good shape.   I thought it would be cute with a victorian doll sitting in it under the tree along with my other dolls.  It cost $6.00.
Never know what I may find  that I didn't know I needed.   Need is probably not the right word,  I just really want it.

When I got home,  I discovered I had to have  fudge - Fudge is one of my favorites, and this is the only time of year I make it.   The recipe is as follows, it is simple and very good.
I will probably have one piece and take the rest to my mom's house.  Sharing is good for me and my waist.

 will cut it later when it is cool. 

I didn't purchase this,  it's a paint by number I recently finished.  Maybe I will take a class and do one on my own. 

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