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Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween post

Children came by this evening so we could see them for Halloween.
Genevieve dressed as a witch and Adalyn as Velma on Scooby doo.
This picture taken at their house.

At my house.  Genevieve is concentrating on keeping her hat on as the wind would pick up at times.

Genevieve looks a little serious here.

A light up skeleton head I put in the bush with hands

and a rat

Superman was here.  The girls got opa this shirt.

Genevieve decided she wanted to go rock hunting through rocks we put down at the steps.  She is always looking for a treasure. she loves rock hunting. 

Before dark

after dark before the storm we had, was getting a little windy

Now on to thinking about Thanksgiving


  1. OH My, I enjoyed your Halloween decorations so much, loved the videos, I know your two granddaughters had a blast, Betsy! They are so adorable.
    Aren't grandchildren the most fun ever!!
    Thank you for coming by my blog, I apologize for taking so long to come by, it seems I don't get to blog a lot lately, I am ping that will change soon.
    Have a great day, I am now looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I usually combine my decorating,.

  2. Oh my what a cute little Velma! She played the part well. 😉
    Your darling little witch is so serious about her hat, so very cute!

    Awesome decorations ~

  3. The girls are so cute! Your little video gave me goosebumps. :) I love seeing the children dress up for Halloween. We live down a dirt path, kinda like in the woods and never see a trick or treater.

  4. Betsy, I love watching the videos. That crow is great and with the dark and the wind blowing it was even too spooky for me! Did the weather hurt the trick or treating. The girls look so cute. I love to see how serious the kids always are in their costumes. Thanks for your visit. We are back now with really nice weather so maybe we will get to be in the light for a while longer this time..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  5. Fun Halloween decorations although the rat makes me a little squeamish. He’s so realistic! Cute little trick’r treaters at your door, too.


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