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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Headwaters Presbyterian Church

The church is located in the County of Highland , Va. 
Picture taken on our trip to Monterey Va. early last year

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

sinking spring cemetery

Located in Abingdon Virginia
Historical cemetery - David  Campbell is buried here who served as Va. Governor from 1837 to 1840

Henry Creswell,  the first one buried here.  Killed by the Indians near this place.

A stone tomb enclosed in this mound covered in Ivy.  Behind the locked door are Henry Martin - wealthy carpenter and his wife Malinda.
General John Hunt Morgan - temporarily. 
 A Confederate Raider renowned for burning down railroad trestles, killed in Greensville Tennessee in 1864.    After a truce was arranged by confederates, his body was brought by train to Abingdon.
 A large funeral led by General George Crittendon to Martins tomb.
After a few days his body taken by train to Richmond and buried in Hollywood Cemetery
Unknown  Confederate Dead
About 30 soldiers here

just about dark and had to lighten picture above,  a little blurry 
This child was two when she died 

Cummings cabin - built by parson Charles Cummings as his first residence.
located some two miles away and given to the church in 1968 by Arthur Cummings family.
Moved in 1971 to this cemetery and placed  near Cummings log church.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow to speak of

Finally some snow to speak of, probably about 3 inches here.   Looks to be anyway - haven't checked the weather pros to see exactly.     Around 17 degrees at this time and feels like 13 degrees - Brr.
Nipping at my nose for sure.  Here are a few pictures I took as I stuck my head out the door this morning .

Wasn't sure about that color for the swing,  but now I am liking the bright colors.  

shadows cast of  the dogwood tree
Maybe Saturday will bring more than just flurries,  I hope so.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adalyn and Genevieve

Today was actually very nice - around 60 degrees, but tomorrow is supposed to snow about 1 - 3 inches,  so probably will be a half a foot.   It's never what the weather people call for.
Visiting my grandchildrens home today with Adalyn in her car Santa brought her.
Here she is,  driving with no hands.

Her favorite passenger ,  Pepper who doesn't mind the ride, although I think he does get a little nervous with her at the wheel.

Genevieve with her coat on as I was going to walk her outside to feel the sunshine while it lasts.

She was three months old Jan. 18th,    sweet baby

I am always admiring this carved heavy door as I leave.  It was on the house when they bought it so I don't know any history or where it came from.   It is heavy and nicely carved.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

a pretty country church

A pretty church sitting up on a little hill as we were traveling to Mt. Jackson , Virginia in the fall of the year

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Paper Whites

Received this beautiful container as a Christmas gift from Steve's brother..  They have scented the room with such a wonderful fragrance that I would love to bottle.   My first experience with bulbs like this growing in the dead of winter and now will not be my last.
The container is wonderful

They cheer up a room
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