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Thursday, April 18, 2019


Was gorgeous for being out and planting.   Azaleas are blooming and not all are opening at once.  Get to enjoy them longer this way.

Looking towards side gate

This one is small flowered and double.

almost looks like a rose

white ones on side of house

Pink dogwood blooms are larger it seems this year.  The trimming of the tree I believe helped.

won't be long before Peonies are in bloom

White dogwoods did well also


Happy Thursday to all

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Finally a chance to get yard work done.  Rest of the leaves to put in bags and take to dump.  We had a mosquito and tick treatment that will go on til October.  So many ticks and mosquitos last year and will try this to see if it works.
My boxwood in a pot that has been in the same pot for about 3 years or more needed a trim and I put some soil for boxwoods on top to feed it.

Before a trim

After a trim and looking a little better

I have another one to do in a pot.  But will take care of that one tomorrow.

Genevieve loves Lavender.

I chopped this to the ground almost around the end of March.  It's like a weed this white Lilac.

  Giant Snowdrops are what these are called. 

Not sure if this is called creeping Jenny or not coming up in the pot.

Genevieve loves flowers and these daffodils smell so sweet.  The only ones I have that are fragrant.

little peach color around the edges

A piece of lilac I pulled up from the larger one.  It's growing.

Don't know what these are but I will leave them to see.   I stuck a piece of rosemary in the pot a few weeks ago.  Looks like it's alive.

Steve purchased a few of these end of season and they had stopped flowering.  I just left it in the pot because it was winter coming on so I figured I would dump it out in the spring.  Well the silver sage is coming to life and I think I better put it in the ground

Took a drive to Bass Pro and the girls are fascinated by the beaver skin.

Adalyn used to be scared to death of this bear and now is not. Genevieve doesn't like touching it.

Butterscotch scones I made for breakfast the other day.  So good.

sedum coming up in this planter attached to side of house by driveway.
I see the lilac sprig I put in there has taken root.  Will have to take that out.

We had the children to spend the night last friday and had dinner at our local fish place.  They pour malt vinegar on everything.

Genevieve and


A visit with Mama and of course a game of scrabble she usually always wins..

Monday, April 8, 2019

Ginter and the end.

Some nice gifts to be had at the gift shop at Lewis Ginter.  One I really liked was the rock tower.  I picked it up to see how much it was and the rocks fell off on the floor.  I got them, well my husband did, kinda embarrassing cause they made a noise but oh well, none were broken.  The price tag I noticed afterward was on the table beside it.  I love the lamp and wouldn't mind having that.

Art and I thought this one would look good on my front door.  Didn't get it though.

This one is even better.

back out on walk and pretty pansies.

Lynn on the bridge near the Japanese Tea Room
A few more orchids to see and then off for lunch

I knew this one right away

Corsage orchid, just so perfect.
Tarragon chicken salad

We all enjoyed with the sandwiches their homemade crab bisque soup.

Steve had dill shrimp salad on bun.  He always takes one part of the bread off.

The End of Ginter this trip.
Now to get some things done before the night ends.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Orchids and other flowers

While at Lewis Ginter we took a look in the Conservatory to see the orchids in bloom.
I didn't get the names of all but got some pretty pictures instead

Inside the Conservatory neat the little thatched cottage were these tulips and white daffodils

walkway to the little thatched cottage

On this arbor is a pretty red flower, passion flower?  I think that is what it was called.  Closeup below

looking in the window were framed flowers  and frames made of twig.

I like the door decoration

A closer look. 

back to the orchids

I have a few more to post later.  Just so pretty.

PART ONE  here

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