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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Surprise Snow

So pretty the snowfall as I was leaving my dentist office.  Surprise as I hadn't heard any call for it on the weather channel.

Train coming down the tracks as I was making it home

little clip

I hung this cotton ball wreath on my door that I purchased for 12 dollars from a local vintage shop
I always wanted one but most places were charging way too much.
Looks like sno balls

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Train day and an antique shop.

Grand girls and their Mom took in Train day with us on Saturday.

I think the crowds are getting more each year.

in front of a screen and of course the sun was shining right in Genevieves eyes

A neat art shop.  Re Funk It.  Some neat things in here like this phone Genevieve really liked.
She never saw one like it and Opa was explaining that we had one like that and she, I believe thought there was really a light bulb on the end.
This one of course is made into a lamp.

This picture taken outside of the shop 

I thought this was so cute made with hand clippers and hoe it looks to be

How about this little doggy with horseshoes and golf clubs and a manual drill I guess it is.

Curb sitting lunch

Genevieve wanted to see inside a fire engine

Fine vintage cars on display

later in the evening I went to a vintage shop and purchased a vintage table cloth that I will use on Christmas and a cherub that I will probably put into a wreath.

I like these candle holders with greenery and  candle.   I didn't get these but they gave me an idea.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Zinnia Wreath

I finished about three weeks ago the zinnia wreath for my sister.
Took a little while.

Pinecones took several coats of paint and several coats of gloss sealer I used.  I don't think moisture will be a problem if hung on porch under cover.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween post

Children came by this evening so we could see them for Halloween.
Genevieve dressed as a witch and Adalyn as Velma on Scooby doo.
This picture taken at their house.

At my house.  Genevieve is concentrating on keeping her hat on as the wind would pick up at times.

Genevieve looks a little serious here.

A light up skeleton head I put in the bush with hands

and a rat

Superman was here.  The girls got opa this shirt.

Genevieve decided she wanted to go rock hunting through rocks we put down at the steps.  She is always looking for a treasure. she loves rock hunting. 

Before dark

after dark before the storm we had, was getting a little windy

Now on to thinking about Thanksgiving

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dinner, few days ago

A lasagne dinner and some bread I baked.  We love Lasagna and we like it with lots of sauce.  Inside was cheesy with ricotta and parmesan.
Bread was simple recipe and good hot with butter.
I picked up the silver server with lid and it had the baking dish with it all for $6.00 at a thrift store my son told me about.  I couldn't pass it up.

Not the best picture but it didn't last long for another.

Apples from Maine and baked in a pie.  I had a store bought shell for the bottom but had to make another for the top.  

It works just fine with extra cinnamon and sugar on top

 A salad with vinaigrette dressing

I made these coasters last year from bought leaf shapes,  I saw some similar at Pier One but decided to make mine.

As you can see the back side would be better with a matching color but I don't turn them over and this is the color felt I had at the time and didn't want to run out for more.  I used what I had.

I just hot glued around the circle cut from felt.

That's it for today.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy Tuesday

Checking things out outside before the rain this week and tidying up some.   Needs lots of leaf removal and will be working on that.
Plants that are still thriving are a couple roses.  This one I purchased from Walmart early in the season worked out pretty well. It wasn't an expensive one by no means.  I spray mine with neem oil and it seems to take care of what attacks them at certain times of the year.  So far so good.

This one blooms prettiest in the fall and early spring.

I purchased this one in late February this year.  Wasn't sure it would live. It was sold as a Valentine day rose in a pot with 4 others.  I separated them and most lived when put in the ground.

The crow looks a little silly hanging on the limb like he is.  Kids like it.

Halloween wreath.  Usually I just put on the door a leaf wreath of some kind.  The grand girls love Halloween so I made this one this year.

Had a left over skeleton head, so I stuck it in the flowers.

I am going to try and cook this pumpkin next week.  I heard these are good. Will see.

I feel I am really pushing it with this rosemary in the pot for several years.  I need to find a place to plant it.

I rooted this past season a few new plants and so far looking good. Behind this rooted rosemary cutting is a small lavender plant that rooted.

curly kale.  We will eat this tonight.

Spicy basil still growing strong. Very aromatic plant.

That's it for now. Happy Tuesday!

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