Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunny Sunday

Starting Sunday morning with cheese and mushroom quiche.  I like nutmeg sprinkled on the top also. 


 Fruit salad on the side.

Outside it's sunny after a rainy night to bring those May flowers.  Seeds are popping up every where and I am afraid to weed too much before I see exactly what they are.

Sitting on the patio and looking out at the last of the blooms on the azaleas in back yard yesterday.

A few I brought into the porch for  table.

Few tulips in bloom and this color especially I do like a lot.

Still thriving at the boxwoods in front of house.

I freed up  a few pots with tulips as they are starting to turn to seed and I don't want that.  I clipped them off, pulled them up and now will put them in a box to let the greenery die back down into the bulb like I did last year to replant later this year.

I look forward to seeing this one in full bloom as it's one of the last to bloom at the driveway

This is a close up of the flowers at the very bottom blooming.

I just trimmed this box a few or so weeks ago and it's growing like a weed. Not sure how long these plants are supposed to be in pots but it has been years in this one.  

Happy Sunday everyone 



Sunday, April 18, 2021

Happy Sunday!

Up early for coffee and a breath of fresh air around our yard.

Trees and azaleas are at their peak it seems now.  Must enjoy while I can.  They do not last long.


Last of the tulip blooms.   These tulips are in pots in ground.  Only way to keep the moles or voles, don't know which one from eating the bulbs.  I will just leave them there and plant some seeds on top.

My favorite orange and red color.

Back inside for blue berry bread I made.  Frozen berries I picked last season rolled in flour. 
Self  raising flour, spices, egg, little sugar, cream, butter and then in the oven.  Really easy and quick with not a recipe needed for this.  

Sprinkle with a little confectioners sugar.  Now to pour me some coffee to have with it and then out the door to pick up some things from the grocery.

Happy Blessed Sunday, Betsy

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Finally Spring

Out this morning with coffee.  Looking pretty with the dogwoods and azaleas in bloom.

Short video to share.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Trying to catch up

Busy few weeks here at home.  Easter was very nice with the children hiding eggs.  Sister and husband visit from Maine which was very nice. 

Easter Bunny  baskets at my house ready for girls to see as soon as they walk in.

Baskets of eggs from hunt in our yard. 

 Dad getting a picture of girls checking for eggs.

Bunny cake.  Couldn't find the black licorice for the nose and mouth.  Only red is what I found. The teeth look a little strange and are malted milk ball eggs.  It is a coconut cake made with cream cheese, butter and whipped cream frosting.  

 These are two eggs the girls colored and put stickers on for us

Beautiful yellow tulips the children also brought us.  I always put the bulbs in pot and they come back next year.

Bulbs I ordered last year and planted them in pots for this year.   I wanted to make sure moles or voles didn't get them.  Not sure what these are called but I love the frilly petals. 
These pretty yellow ones I planted around the boxwood in front.  So far nothing has found these or the hyacinths yet

 More at the chair on sidewalk

 Below are volunteers from previous years

I am going to have to take some time and figure out why every time I go to post a picture here on blogger.  The font has to constantly be changed back and also the size of font.  So frustrating.  

Til next time, Betsy