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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mothers Day to All!

 I visited my mother yesterday at the nursing home.  She has lost weight.  She still looks good and was chatty with us.  She is doing well and getting around on her own.  We brought her  favorite milk shake which is strawberry and a hamburger.  She didn't eat the burger but started in on the shake.  I try to take her things that have a lot of flavor like sweet and savory.

I asked her to pull down the mask and she did.  I do not like pictures of her with that on her face.  I want to see her and we did.  


Today I received a visit and beautiful flower of succulent I guess it's called.  It is so pretty.  Looks like tightly woven roses.  I need to find the name of this. Love my musical card the children gave me.

They know I love to shop at Cracker barrel and I will.

Good day to all!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Everything coming up flowers

 Everything has decided to  bloom at once it looks to be .  Had some really warm weather except for today but we did have high in the 80's last week.

I planted the two boxwood that were growing under the dogwood in front yard.  They come up there from the very large ones near the road.  Off shoots I guess they are called.  I pulled bottom leaves off and will leave them here for a long while.  

Mock orange and Peonies in the vase at the entrance to kitchen. 

Arrangement on the porch also.

This Kale going on the third season.  It's this one plant that is in a planter off the ground that keeps producing.  I just pull off the flowers so it doesn't go to seed.  Enough for a meal for us at a time.

 Time for a close up. 

I have been working on this puzzle off and on for a few days.  It is one of the hardest I think I have ever done.  Gonna take a long while for this one.  I have a few others to do also. 

This azalea was taken in full bloom last week.  It's fading fast now. 

Grand Daddys beard or Fringe tree

I picked a few stalks of fringe along with azalea for table.  This was taken last week also. We have been so busy with house chores inside and out that I am behind on posts.

Little window box in bedroom window downstairs.  

Went to yard sales with the grand girls last Saturday and they had such a good time.  They asked me to take them and I did.  I found this pretty little lacey black frame for a dollar.

I could not resist this coffee pot with warmer and it looks to be 1960 era?  Not sure but I do like retro and this looks retro to me. 

Well that is it for now, til next time

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunny Sunday

Starting Sunday morning with cheese and mushroom quiche.  I like nutmeg sprinkled on the top also. 


 Fruit salad on the side.

Outside it's sunny after a rainy night to bring those May flowers.  Seeds are popping up every where and I am afraid to weed too much before I see exactly what they are.

Sitting on the patio and looking out at the last of the blooms on the azaleas in back yard yesterday.

A few I brought into the porch for  table.

Few tulips in bloom and this color especially I do like a lot.

Still thriving at the boxwoods in front of house.

I freed up  a few pots with tulips as they are starting to turn to seed and I don't want that.  I clipped them off, pulled them up and now will put them in a box to let the greenery die back down into the bulb like I did last year to replant later this year.

I look forward to seeing this one in full bloom as it's one of the last to bloom at the driveway

This is a close up of the flowers at the very bottom blooming.

I just trimmed this box a few or so weeks ago and it's growing like a weed. Not sure how long these plants are supposed to be in pots but it has been years in this one.  

Happy Sunday everyone