Monday, June 27, 2022

Good Monday

Children are here today and will be spending the night for a Huck Finn type fishing tomorrow morning at a local pond for k thru 5th grades.   They are so looking forward to it. Now on to today's lunch

I like giving them fruit for lunch and Genevieve always ask for fruit salad.  That is what she got with my pleasure. 

I picked a few dahlias and zinnias for the glass frog I found for a dollar at some vintage shop.
They seem to be everywhere now; at one time I couldn't find them.  I set it in a bowl, filled with water and added the flowers. Cheery, I think. 


Strawberries, cantaloup, red and white grapes and apples.  Apples are one fruit that is eaten every day here.  So, lunch is fruit salad, tater tots, chicken noodle soup and chicken salad sandwiches.  I always cut off the ends of bread for them. 

I can really make a mess when I am preparing meals. It all gets cleaned up in a jif though. 

Out to finish getting some order in the playhouse

Til next time, Betsy

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Saturday Post.

Summer and it's less hot than it was in the last few weeks of Spring.  Sure, that can change.  Had a few storms lately with lots of rain, great for me because I haven't had to get out and water all of the pots, I have planted for a couple days. 

Here is one of two pots I purchased from local nursery for $10.00 a piece.  Each one has about 5 plants.   This pot of flowers, not the same color they were when I purchased them. 

They changed from cream colors to orangey pink colors.  Not sure why. Some are even striped now.

Glads in pots.   I didn't put many in the ground this season

View to patio from our jalousie porch in the morning

Patio where I like to have morning coffee and tinker about with potting

Later gather some lavender 
Inside to band them into bundles to dry

Lavender - The color and scent of relaxation, youthfulness, creativity, imagination, optimism
Author - Unknown

I am thinking- Lavender honey to drizzle over tiny biscuits 

A Lavender cutting, I took from a very large plant of mine and now it's growing very strong in this pot. I am shaping it like a topiary. 

 Black eyed Susans as I call them.

They are growing alongside driveway fence.

   The yellow finches like them and I enjoy seeing those pretty little birds.

Adaptability and Availability is what makes the Black-Eyed Susan a symbol of Encouragement and Motivation

Don't know who Susan is but I have read that the name was probably given to the flower by British colonists who came in contact with it in the new world. 

Italian basil and lemon basil cuttings taken from the established plants. They root fast in water. 
I took cuttings from the plant below which is Italian Basil

My dogwood tree that I finally replanted. Two years now.  Hope it lives another two years.  

I purchased two tubers of this one type of Dahlia.  Planted in pots and growing well.  I feed it when needed since it is not in the ground.  

A cutting I took from it and it's rooted so I will be potting up soon.

In the driveway are chalk drawing the grand girls drew

Butterfly and Flowers by Adalyn

Rainy days by Genevieve, and we have had quite a few. 

Leaving you with a beautiful afternoon sky.  Sunbeams. 

a video walk around

Monday, June 6, 2022

Happy Monday

Been a while, been busy with the yard mostly.  Yard work is like housework for me.  It's never done, but I enjoy yard work a lot more.

All of my pictures enlarge when clicked on 

Weeding is never finished. I have started to just weed whack around some plants instead of constantly hand weeding.  I don't need to make more work for myself. Besides, the prettiest grass mostly grows around my plants.  It's a groundcover I do not need to be fussy about.

Memorial week end we took a drive on the back roads.  The water in Montpelier Va. which is the South Anna river was high and moving fast.   

The day was made for getting out and enjoying the country side. Honoring those who gave up their lives so we have the freedom to do so.  

Our front door

Girls and their flutes and reciting Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.
Later on in the week I made my rose jelly
We had a taste over and English muffin with cream cheese.
This tea rose is about 20 years old.  It has traveled from two houses with me to my present home. 
Virginiana Magnolia or swamp magnolia some call it.  Grows at our wood line and scents heavily in the area

While picking a few flowers, I see this feather on the ground, am thinking it's an owl's feather. We have two that are out here every evening and I love those birds.  They keep down rodents and other critters.  They do kill and eat snakes.  

I do not know the name of this plant that grows near the magnolia but it smells like Jasmine to me.  
Pairs nicely with my roses in vase

Another day here the grand girls went out to the slash that has water in it when it rains a lot and in the winter time but mostly is dry in the dead of summer found some fish and a crayfish.  They always put them back but have fun catching them in their net to show us.

Surprised to see that this one is quite large.

Til next time ~ Betsy