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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Birds sound very happy today

 Ice ,snow, rain or whatever the moment brings.  We've had a little of all three.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday already!

The days are flying by. 

Dreary out all day, looks like snow to me but who knows? It's winter. 

Steve went out to visit Mom today for a game of checkers, as you can see Mom has the red ones and she is winning and she did, all games. 

She is serious when it comes to checkers
Mom is sharp and remembers all her family.  She always asks how everyone is.  Steve likes to visit her in between his jobs during the middle of week and it's a good time. 

On his way home he has to have lunch dinner combined at his favorite place, Fire Chicken in Ashland Va.   Wonderful Peruvian Cuisine, made to order.  Always a great staff.   The green sauce is HOT but the yellow is mild.  I like a mix of both.

Peruvian chicken and Prawns with rice was his order today along with his favorite black beans.

Meanwhile at home, he must have forgotten that I had a pot roast in oven with fresh carrots, redskin potatoes and a few celery stalks thrown in for flavor.  I made a gravy to go on top.
We may eat it and if not, it won't be the first time it's been tossed.  Doesn't freeze well with the potatoes. 

Meat has surely gone up in price at the grocery store, way up!
I usually always try to buy from our local farms. 

leaving with a picture of owlet cozying up to winter tree on my mantle.
He likes books too