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Monday, October 21, 2019

Happy Birthday Genevieve

Our grand daughter turned six on Friday but today the 19th was the celebration at the sports park.  Putt Putt and pizza or subs with cake and ice cream to finish off.

Friday on her real birthday  the 18th was a trip to the pumpkin patch with her class.  I was a chaperone and I must say the children were all happy to be here on a nice breezy but warm day.
Genevieve on bottom right with the blonde wavy hair.

Later in the day Steve and I went to Agecroft Hall to see  a murder mystery play.  The changing scenes were not on a stage but in the rooms of the Tudor mansion built in the late 15th century England and brought to Richmond.  I liked this so much as we got to tour the different rooms where the mystery was played out and nice seeing twilight through the stained glass. Candle light lit the way for us.  No pictures were allowed as usual in the home.

blooming still in the sunken garden

Saturday the 19th is the sports park for birthday celebration for Genevieve who is 6

I took a piece of birthday cake to mom today and she did enjoy it.  We played scrabble and she won again.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Adalyns riding lesson

Adalyn is taking riding lessons.  Girl loves horses.  I remember at one time she would not get even close to one.  Now all she talks about is horses.
Steve and I so enjoyed watching her.  She is still little and needs help with the saddle and other things that go with riding a horse like the grooming that's expected after wards.  She is too little to be expected to take care of that by herself.  A few more years for that.  Right now she is getting used to riding and loves it!

Video clip of lesson

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cape Charles

Another place in August we took the girls was Cape Charles located on the shores of Chesapeake bay Virginia.
The Cape Charles town beach is the only public beach on the eastern shore of Virginia that a parking or entrance fee is not charged.
Some pictures of our day here.   Can walk out for quite a distance with the water just up to the ankles.

  Girls loved it.

girls found pretty rocks and some little shells.

silky white sand.

driving about the town of Cape Charles and admiring pretty homes with nice yards.

found a nice place to eat and then back to the beach a little while 

Time to get back to the hotel as the sun is starting to set 
Also on the same ⇉trip

Monday, October 7, 2019

Summer getaway in August

Been a while since a post but it's been very busy here.  We had a great time away in Maine and have some nice pictures but I first must catch up with what we did a little in the Summer with the girls.

In August we took them to Chincoteague Island,  Assateague lighthouse, Tangier Island, Cape Charles and  Fort Monroe.

 Was hot and I mean very, but they wanted to see the wild horses and as we might have known not too many of them were out and the couple of captures of them were at a distance near the water.   Adalyn and Genevieve got very excited to see them and did manage a few shots.

Adalyn has her camera ready.  She did manage to get some pretty good shots too.

You can see ahead the break in the water that we are headed for another tunnel.

We got a hotel for a couple nights where we could be close enough to places we wanted to visit.  The first one being Chincoteague Island.  Girls wanted to see the horses.  Lucky they were out to see in this one area near the water because it was a very hot day.

Quick video take of the horses

Next a trip to the light house on Assateague Island lighthouse which about 1/4 mile from Chincoteague Island.  At a height of 154 feet above sea level the lighthouse has twin rotating flashing lights that flash one after the other and can be seen a little over 20 miles out to sea.
Converted to be electrically lighted in 1933.  First light being candle lantern.
Originally constructed here in 1833 at a cost of $55,000.
Later in 1860 construction on a taller more powerful light had begun but was delayed by Civil War.
After the war the light was completed in 1867.  

Early in the day but still mosquitoes were biting pretty bad.  It was worse walking up hill to light but not bothered when we left going down to car.

Off we go and it's 175 steps to the top.  I took a rest a couple of times.  It was hot the higher we went as no air was stirring.
Fuzzy pic but still can see going up and a little leery they two are.

Assateague light.. Enlarge on the video to view it better

Lil Genevieve is not letting go.  Looks like Adalyn isn't either.

These little girls are so much fun.
Back at the hotel and ready for the pool but not until they finish playing with their dolls.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Happy Thursday

Had another root canal today with temporary cap.  Not happy with the cost by no means.  Wow.
Anyhow a few things around the home here and one is  I am having a coffee to see if it will take the tickle out of my lip that is still numb and scratching it does no good at all, the warmth seems to help.

I have enough for another cup in the pot.  The piece was given to me by my daughter who purchased it at the gift shop when we toured the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond Va.
A copy of the china pattern I believe  that was used at the time.  

I must say when I pulled into our garage, I was a little startled with this in my face from inside my car. Kinda scary looking.

It's a tin sculpture of Olaf from the kids show "Frozen".   Steve had to get it from Lavender Fields Herb Garden in Glen Allen Va.  He was half off and we will put him at the play house soon.

I have some zinnias drying in the garage as well

The shadows say fall and just we are just about there

This hummingbird vine has climbed to the bell at the top of the pole.  Hummers love the little flowers.

Later this evening I will be going to visit Sherwin Williams store to finish painting our bedroom. The ceiling I like painting better than the walls.  I am going to take down the curtains, putty up around them and then rehang. 
The little stained glass  I made a couple years ago. The sun comes through it nicely early in the morning.
I will retire this paper medallion I made two years ago.  
Something different above the bed.
Bedspread I found at a thrift store for 8 dollars a few weeks ago.  It is a full but it works fine on a queen bed like this because of the bed skirt not shown here.

 I finally finished and so glad.  I am ready to start another one now.
I had this frame that was painted a dark color.  I lightened it up with gold paint.  I purchased the plastic beads from dollar tree which were originally red and glued  to the frame and painted them also.

Now to figure  out where to hang it.

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