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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanishing structures

One of the things I enjoyed doing when I was visiting  my daughters home in Tn. was to take long rides into the country side .   Such a pleasant day and the beautiful fields planted with tobacco and corn.   About 25 minutes to Kentucky, so much  green grass and little blue flowers. 
  In the landscape, stately standing were beautiful old barns.  Much labor and love it must have taken  to construct one.  Today they are far and few between, vanishing from the countryside.  
My daughter and son in law love to fix up old houses.  I would love to see them fix up an old barn.
two barns in Big Rock Tn.

Ky barn

on the way to Hopkinsville , KY
Big Rock

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some views around Florence S.C.

My husband and I some months back decided to take a train ride to see if we wanted to travel to other places by rail.   Well I don't think I want to make a habit of it.  You can get places quicker but if you like to sight see, then this is the way to go.  It was comfortable.

Dreamy with the Spanish moss

Timrod was born in S.C. and family was German descent
Family original surname was Dimroth
Timrod a poet - from 1848 to 1853 submitted poems to the Southern Literary Messenger
He began teaching in 1856
The one room school house below was built to educate plantation children- one of his students he later married.

beautiful architecture in the park along with huge Magnolia trees

Museum in the park area

Large vessel in yard of museum
pretty glass light fixture in entrance hall to museum

not sure who used to live at this residence before it became a museum, 
Beautiful place

the museum and park are located in an older neighborhood with pretty homes and yards
I took this picture in the backyard of the museum
Simple idea for a garden and one I can get a layout design idea from for home garden

Down the road is a historical cemetery

with massive trees and moss

Very old
nice stonework

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old family pictures-

I was going through some family pictures and decided to post a few.  I love these old photographs.  If anyone has any history to share of  Sheldon, reed and Voiers family, I would love to hear.
- great uncle Charlie Reed -

Kessler store in Keysville Va.

left to right- Hattie Reed  (grndmthr),Mary Reed (grt aunt), Rose Ruedy(grt grndmthr),not sure who baby is.
Looks like lace hanging on outside windows

Gr Gr Grandmother (Bach)

My grandmother Hattie Reed Sheldon and sister Rachel on right

don't know who this baby is,  but sure is a cute one, like the smile

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