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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Narrows 2017

Right before the turn to Fort Story on this drizzly day we visited.  We stopped at the "Narrows" as it's called.

Included in the lynhaven river system is the" Narrows".   A narrow body of water connecting Linkhorn Bay and Broad Bay.  During colonial times the area may have connected to the Atlantic Ocean.
Captain John Smith explored and mapped the Chesapeake Bay in 1608.  He said Oysters lay thick as stones in the waterways.

Something I am reminded about while reading the information here - Oysters are like bi-valves that help keep the river system clean by filtering and processing contaminants.  
Storm water run-off containing yard fertilizer, animal waste and other contaminants have decimated the oyster population.
Not an oyster lover myself and now less so.

Happy Monday

Friday, July 21, 2017

fort story 2017

A drizzling  day nearing the end  of May while in the area,  we took  a short drive to  Fort Story.   I like these days now and then.  Would welcome a day like that day now since it's so beastly hot.

Cape Henry - We didn't take the steps to the top this time.  We've done it before recently.  But did go in the gift shop

On our way to the beach

out to the beach Steve goes with coffee in hand

just beautiful

nothing but the sound of ocean

could have stayed much longer

Monday, July 17, 2017


Sharing some pictures of three of our six grands and they do not live in the same
state as we do so we don't get to see them often enough

in Nebraska visit
making popsicles

Little Alaina caught the first fish,  she is something else.  Pretty little fish and of course he went back.

Ryan is holding the dragon pet and makes it look like he is just a tad bit unsure of it.
probably feels funny with his claws on his shirt.
tyler plays it safe by holding the leash.
sweet little boys they are.

he's kinda cute on the leash

Friday, July 14, 2017

It's Summer for sure

Today's temps are supposed to reach 96 degrees Fahrenheit.  I am thinking the beach would be nice place to be.   
I was here a month and a half ago.
Am thinking I would of course - love to live here.

nice to get away and  visit a calm and peaceful area - endless beauty

the water is clear - probably not the best visual for that statement, with the fallen tree and all.   

Yes - I got a piece of drift.  This is bleached white from the sun and silky smooth from the ocean. 

back to my friends home a few miles from the beach, maybe not that far.  
She always has something good she made for coffee or tea, and we usually always have coffee. 

Having coffee and snacks in the sunroom her husband rebuilt and did a fine job doing so.

great water view from sunroom

draped seashells 

I like her nautical decor

I have to mention we had a great lunch at Willabys and I will be going back for sure
hand cut fries and very good b.l.t. sandwich.  Bacon was perfect to eat without being hard or too thick.

on my way out

leaving for home

til next time

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Happy Wednesday

Just inside from checking on what isn't flowering in the yard and that is quite a bit.  The Japanese beetles are healthy as they are eating well.   Will travel out in a bit to pick up some 7 dust.   I will not be eating the plants so a little sprinkle will at least keep them from being devoured.
This mallow hibiscus ( I believe it's called) has this one decent flower on it.  I pulled the other ones off riddled with holes from the beetles.  This plant has followed me to two homes in 20 years.  Hardy plant.

I don't think these can be killed or eaten by anything.   Black eyed Susan as I call them is a flower I can count on to come back even more so every year.   The Japanese beetles must not find it tasty.

Steve's windmill he purchased from Lavender Farms in Glen Allen.  You can see that no air is moving.   Not good.

Red Hydrangea.   Been moved and shocked so much,  I have yet to see it bloom.  Maybe next year.

Zinnias starting to bloom on fence line.

So pretty with the specks of red -candy cane zinnia

I finally finished painting my butterfly chair Steve gave us for our anniversary two years ago from Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens.   I love this chair but it's going in the garage this year for the winter.

Next year I believe I will plant all squash in pots. This one was planted about a month ago and it's doing well.   I think squash does better planted later in this area.
Dad always planted squash in early June.

Shady now,  but will be having trees removed soon from this area.   Makes it too hot.    Pines draw heat and they have to go sooner rather than later.  Will plant something else a little prettier and has a dapple shade effect, although there are about 6 dogwoods here in this area already.

Chocolate mint likes the sun room a little more than the intense heat outside.  The chocolate flavor definitely comes through with this plant.

Another fella Steve purchased,  he cannot pass up these novelties and the grand kids love these as well.

In the office window.   The gladiolas put out a few blooms this year.

Black eyed Susan's peeking through the fence.
That's it for now.