Tuesday, December 8, 2015

mom visit

I am posting back to back today,  gotta catch up as I have not been doing much of it lately.
Where mom lives ,  a tree is up and they are decorating with candy canes.  

She made a gingerbread house today too

taken with cell phone ,  didn't turn out well but I can see her smile

94 years old and doing so well.   She was smiling a lot today and very talkative.   Very good visit we had.

Adalyn is 4

Grand daughter Adalyn had a birthday on Saturday.   She loves Elsa of  Disney's "Frozen"  .  I guess I have that correct,  I can't keep up with what the little ones follow these days.

The little snowflakes are rings and there is an ornament that moves around of "Elsa" Adalyns favorite.

She had to dress in her dress with Elsa necklace

Opa gave her a cash register and she and Genevieve love that.

dad reading her card

With Genevieve ,  it's all about the cake.
She and Adalyn are sweeties.
Sweet Genevieve woke up today with ear infection and stomach flu.   Here we all go again.
What a cold and stomach season for everyone this year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

foggy mountain

On our way home from Quicksburg Virginia - fog rising from the mountains

leaves were also rich in color 

sharing with

Outing to Quicksburg

Haven't been able to download pictures from my camera lately because I lost the plug things I need to do so.
 Found it so now can catch up on some places we have been and one of those places is Quicksburg Virginia for apples near the end of November.
farmland around area

collapsed barn

I purchased some braeburn apples which were smaller than most but I love because of being so juicy and not to sweet.  I also picked up a favorite - pink lady apples,  they last a long time in the fridge and always taste good.

We go here every year,  the best place in Virginia for us to buy apples,  apple butter ,  locally made jellies, jams and cider.
I used this in my making of apple butter

I canned also 6 quarts of pears picked from my daughters tree in West Virgina

A stop in Orkney Springs Virgina

Virginia House - formerly the Orkney Springs Hotel.  Site  of the Shenandoah music festival, now in the third decade.    Beautiful turn of the century hotel at the foot of the "Great North Mountain". 

the site below tells a little about the many springs that brought travellers from all over to their medicinal waters.  


Inside the hampton inn that we stayed in for the night
Christmas decorations were up .

the fireplace was visible from both sides

stepping from the elevator to our room is a nice arrangement of flowers and nativity - THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.  Very nice