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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I like trains

Here is one I took at the Science Museum of Va.  about 3 years back.   

Seth was amazed by the size and the weight of this Puffer belly, and  so am I.
Seth taking a walk on the tracks

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meadow farm

A living history 1860 farm site and museum in Henrico County, Virginia
The cultural history of the Rural South is presented here by it's programs and exhibits.
Dr. Mosby Sheppard was the owner of Meadow farm and lived here with his family.  Seasonal activities are enjoyed here on certain weekends of the year. 
Wings were added I understand as the family grew larger

good little walk to the place from the parking lot

Doctors office
Sheep in the distance being called in

A very large and old tree

different angle of Dr. office

Another log out building

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber (germany visit 2)

Located in  the district of Ansbach, in the state of Bavaria, Germany.  Here in the middle Franconian region is a well known medieval old town.     A free Imperial city from the  late middle ages until 1803.  
Red Fortress above the Tauber is the German meaning of  Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

This is the one place I have always heard about , a must see.

I enjoyed one of the Schneeballs (snowball)  here , I had to share it actually as it was so big. Mine had chocolate in between the layers of dough.   They were huge,  I found a recipe for them an look forward to making them soon,  will post if they turn out o.k.
I think this is the most photographed building when visiting here
very red geraniums

my daughter annette

getting ready for the walk around the town wall of Rothenburg

seth thinking he may not like the stone steps up the side of the wall

Annette and Seth
we had a great time walking and looking out to the street below
as we made our way around - a look to the outside
we came upon sweet little gardens like the one here tucked in behind the stone wall
little closer look at this very pretty garden
another very nice garden area
stone and iron work
I like also the wall decorations with the frame and planter

closer view of window boxes
view of side street
another view from the wall
 I love it here
Will post more at a later time when I get the rest of my photos  in order
I would love to travel back and it is a great memory I have of a beautiful place
Here is Part one  of my trip in 2007

Pretty Barn

Route 15 is where this barn is in va.

Neat and tidy I must say

I am wondering if one of these are a residence,  very nice looking barns.

I am sharing with Barn Charm

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