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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Weekend visit

Annette came for a visit on Friday and left this morning.   So happy she was here but sure do miss her as soon as she starts to pull out of the driveway for her home.
We had a very good time starting with Friday evening.  She and Adalyn watched Sponge Bob.  Adalyn loves that show.
 I don't think either knew I was taking a picture of them both.

Annette painted this picture of this little owl.  When I first saw him months ago at her house, I just loved him right away.  His pretty eyes and he just made me smile.  She and her husband salvaged wood  from their very old barn and made the frame for it.  They did a great job.  I love him sitting on the mantle in the den.   I do like these weathered barn board frames.
We roasted dogs on the grill Sunday and everyone enjoyed it.

Brats on grill for steve

We had macaroni salad, cabbage, carrots, succotash, watermelon, hot dogs,  Kielbasa.
I made a cheese cake.  I could not find the bottom to my spring form pan.  So I had to use this deep pie dish.  It worked just perfect.  No crust on this cheese cake.  I used 24 ounces cream cheese with butter whipped together.
Then 5 eggs, 1/2 cup sugar, almond extract, lemon juice.  Was supposed to have a cup of sour cream but all I had left was about 6 T.  so I used some heavy whipping cream in there instead.   I put all of this into a greased dish.   Baked at 300 degrees for two hours and about 10 minutes more in a deep tray of water.  Turned out perfect and I will make the same way next time.  Very creamy and I love the flavor of almonds.

Annette baked this lemon tart.  She ground very fine oven roasted almonds and added teaspoons of butter with a little flour.  The crust baked until set in 400 degree oven, the time I am not sure of .  She used about 4 lemons and saved the rinds.  The juice from the lemons she placed in blender and ground the rind from one lemon in blender with juice.She had to add some bottled lemon juice in addition to fresh squeezed lemon juice to have  enough liquid for the tart.  Cooked in pan with 5 egg yolks and added a little butter and sugar. When thickened she place in baked crust and cooked twenty minutes more.  DELICIOUS Tart!

Oh yeah, Adalyn lost her first tooth.  The two on bottom are ready to come out also.


  1. The owl painting is so adorable!

  2. Betsy, I swear all three of you girls look like triplets. Adalyn looks so cute in her glasses and I hope the tooth fairy was good to her. Everything looks yummy and I remember watching Sponge Bob with Jake years ago. He loved it and I thought it was pretty cute too..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  3. Always nice to get out after the long winter we have had. Good to be with family.

  4. Lovely family moments, creating some great memories to treasure.


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