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Thursday, May 31, 2018

:Blogger comments.

Don't know what is wrong in blogger but my comments are thrown into the "waiting for moderation area".  I used to get them coming directly to my email but now they are not.  I sometimes respond to comments by email but not as easy when the comments are sitting and waiting for me.
I hope it doesn't continue this way.
If things don't change,  I will just leave my response in my comment section under post. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A step outside

Went outside for a bit and then it started raining.  What is with this stuff?  It's never ending.  It was 4 o'clock and I was bitten like crazy by mosquitoes.   The grass can grow all it wants and the weeds can take over.  I am beginning to lose interest in any lawn care or plantings with this weather. 
The few minutes I was out I did pick my first cuke from my bush cucumber that is growing into  a vine instead.   Yes, it's seems like it wants to  be a vine.

found a cuke 

Romaine lettuce is just going crazy in this pot.

One of the 5 moon-flower seeds I planted and they love this weather.
I will let it run on the fence.  The flowers open in the evening and smell so sweet

Tree hydrangea I purchased in 2017 as a root with a little green sprouting has decided it will out grow the pot.  I have already pulled two extra shoots from this and they are growing also.

This is all I could stand to be outside and get a glimpse of today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Beginning to doubt it though.  
Wishing everyone lots and lots of sunshine.

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday night

And all is not well.  The creek is rising and I hear the gushing from inside.  Upstairs I hear it the best.
I didn't get a great picture but you can see how high it is.

Closer to the driveway but it's running fast on through the slash.  At least it draining well.  Thanks to Steve keeping the area clear of debris and overgrowth.

In comparison although this is a snow shot from last year, it gives an idea where that pot of Lavender is.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have more storms in the afternoon

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sunday May 20 trip to beach

Lynn, Steve and I took a drive to Colonial Beach last Sunday.  We stopped for dinner at Wilkerson's on the way.  It was Lynn's Anniversary but she could not be home. Her car's transmission went out and luckily she has bumper to bumper coverage.   She had it in the shop for a new transmission.
We had salad, steamed shrimp, flounder and vegetables.

Lynn thinks she is out of the picture but clearly is not.  I think it's a good picture.

Later at the beach just to walk around and then head back home.

A first for me anyway.  Have not seen these palms before.  Makes it look nice but I wonder how they will take care of them in the winter.

The Riverview Inn got a new owner and complete make over.

Little video of the water this day

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Last pictures of Ginter (3)

The property that Lewis Ginter Botanical garden is on was once Powhatan Indian hunting grounds. Patrick Henry owned it at one time also.
Lewis Ginter, a Richmond business man purchased nine acres in 1895.
Having colleagues in the Commonwealth and Westmoreland Clubs, he allowed to build the Lakeside Wheel Club. A destination for Richmond bicyclists.  It was taken from a one story structure and made into what is now the Bloemendaal House.

Some shots around the home.
pretty potted flowers


The sky was darkening

Adalyn and Genevieve walking around the Japanese gardens

A gentleman showed Adalyn, Genevieve and Opa how to properly fold and make their rabbit?   I think that is what it is.  Very serious children I see here.  Opa must have messed his up.

Happy Wednesday
Part One  and   Part Two

lewis ginter (2)

More of my visit and some beautiful flowers in bloom.  I've yet to see these magnolia trees bloom and must make a point of trying to get here when they do this year.

Potted flowers as we make our way to the gardens.

Crepe myrtles are getting their leaves

Siberian Iris

roof iris

Eastern red bud.  I guess it's trained this way.  Looks like mostly gnarly limbs hanging down with pretty heart shaped leaves.

Chionanthus Virginicus
or Fringe tree

Nice garden seat to sit and take in the garden

natural area with tree house for children

Inside the library there was a table set up to try one's hand at paper folding with instructions
This is a display of origami on the book case

The rose topiary is just beautiful

a close up of the roses


Genevieve said we needed lunch

short video of rose garden and azaleas
Part One is → Here 
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