Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Pictures

Some pictures I took outside yesterday , a pretty Spring day.   Here is the picture of my volunteer Pansey , beautiful bloom.  They come back every year.

 daffodils blooming in the woods, these are the ones I separated last year from my flower bed, because it was overcrowded.

I bought this primrose 3 years ago at Walmart and planted it outside and it always comes back.
The Crocus is a surprise,  don't know where it came from.

Lavender needs to be taken out of this pot,  going on the 3rd season.

I just thought the color of the moss was pretty growing on this broken cinderblock.

I am stenciling Magnolia blossoms on my floorcloth.   

another picture of floorcloth.

Til next time,  Have a good day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful getting things done kind of Monday

So pretty and pleasant today.  I did some laudry and hung to dry. 
 I want to mosaic my cement bird, finish some stained glass projects.  I have the metal chair that is left from last year.  

I did start the canvas floor cloth.  I will put a design on that as soon as it is totally dry. I am still not sure what design as yet.

will mosaic

Need to finish a framing around the boat stained glass pic.

Have a Beautiful Monday!