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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Virginia Beach and Russ

Steve's b'day was the 11th of May and Moms Day the 14th. We decided to take a few days to Va. Beach to relax and even though it was chilly _ a day at the beach is still a day at the beach I hear said by many.  

Me taking a picture of steve shortly after arriving of him taking a pix along the beach from 12th floor. We stayed at the Wyndam in Virginia beach on the North End. Much more quiet here.

waves kicking up on the 11th
May 12 and 13 the same thing.   Love hearing the sound of the waves crashing.  Made for a good nights sleep for us.

looking down to area outside the hotel restaurant

I see you

I want some of these faux rocks or boulders.  I knew this one wasn't real because of the hole in it.

sea wall

Looking out towards Fort Story in far distance

late evening

moonlight over the ocean

sun rising

This was Saturday and of course the sun would come out and the temperature at 80 degrees this day as we leave.

We will be back

Russ will be back too.  He will travel with us from now on.   Adalyn and Genevieve picked him out to give to Opa on his b'day.  They love stuffed animals and Opa does too.  He is now our traveling buddy.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Great Grandma

Derek and Miranda took the girls to see Mom today and a sweet picture they took together. They were at Kings Dominion first and it was a choice of a necklace or face painting. Adalyn wanted a necklace and Genevieve asked the nice lady to make her look likce a princess. Both of the the girls are little princesses we all think.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Few simple arrangments and cuttings.

Chilly,  damp and breezy.    Hardly feels of Spring.  More like September moving in.   Maybe tomorrow will be sunny.
I brought in some more Peonies for drying and vases.  Might as well dry a few of them as they are on their way out.

An old teapot is perfect for a simple arrangement of Peonies.

I see the shadows better in black and white.

 a cutting from a lavender plant a few weeks ago is now rooted.
doesn't take long at all for these plants to root.
I broke the top off and hope now it will fill out from the sides 

This is the plant the cutting was taken from.  This plant is a cutting I took about two seasons ago. 

I will try this Spanish lavender and see if it grows well.

two more cuttings looking good.

Love this  Red Russian Kale in my fresh salads.   You can see I do.  It grows back fast.

A hollyhock I transplanted into the pot and it is doing well also.

my little birdies on the mantle with a peony in a glass cube votive candle holder. 
It has been in there a week and still looks good. 
I see I have to remove a nail from the mantle that held a banner in place.  Whoops
 yes, on my dining room table too .

for some reason they seem to last longer in a little water in a little container.

drying on porch

I keep this hanging on porch door to remind me that it is Spring, 
even though it doesn't feel like it. 

Lavender farm

We went to Lavender Farms in Glen Allen the other day to get a few plants and for Steve to eat some lavender ice cream under the trees by the creek or small river with so much rain lately.

Look at these beautiful beds of veggies.   Gentleman that owns the farm dug all of these and made them himself.  

Beautiful baskets to greet and who wouldn't want one of these beauties?

we purchased a butterfly and hummingbird stake for the pots.

beyond the arbor is a sitting area near  the slope with a beautiful creek cutting throught the forest and this is where we sit and eat the lavender ice cream.

I purchased a lavender plant and I see now I will have to go back and purchase this planter,  I see it's made in the USA.   A beauty with the lavender for decoration in the side.

Happy Saturday

Friday, May 5, 2017

Chocolate cake and other thingss

I have seen several versions of this chocolate cake out there.   This one I made from a recipe found on King Arthur flour website.
I didn't have expresso coffee powder so I used what I had on hand which was instant maxwell house coffee instead.        recipe found  Here. 
It called for one cup of cold water.  I used one cup of milk instead.   I whisked mine together in a bowl and then poured into prepared pan.

This cake was eaten same evening and I have made it twice.   So don't worry about having to store it because it doesn't stick around long enough.

 I made the frosting with the cream and solid chocolate.

puzzle is finished and now to find another I will enjoy working on

The view from the window upstairs is what I see when I look up while reading my book and a pleasant view it is with the blooming shrub.

A tea table with pull out sides I purchased from a sale.   I love it.
It has a few character marks which is fine.   I can rub some polish over it to hide  the scratches some.

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