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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Barn in Quicksburg Va area

Another one of my barn shots taken around Quicksburg Va.  this past October.   Love this area with many old and new barns in the pretty country side.

A little closer shot

Linking with Barn Charm this week

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Barn Wedding Story on Video

I did a post in three parts late June  2012 .    "Jeremy and Amy's"  barn wedding in Goochland County, Virginia.  
 I am happy to be able to share the video clip of the day.
Videographer Jon Combs did a TERRIFIC  job capturing  their Wedding Story .     
 CLICK HERE  to take a look

 burlap bags filled with  coffee and gave as wedding favors)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Foggy Sunday

This past Sunday Steve and I  took a drive to Colonial beach Va..  Was a warm day but very foggy.   I like to walk the beach looking for driftwood and some glass.   I found both.   The water was churning fast and I must say it was much colder there near the water than here at home,  should've  known better.   We had a lunch first then the walk on the beach.    Must say we didn't last long on our walk.
lots of drift wood

This picture taken from bridge on the way home - still foggy

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Few months back Steve and I went to an estate sale and this picture was hanging on the wall in one of the bedroom's for sale at $1.00    
There is nothing on the picture except a name of a person it was given too.
I just think she is pretty standing near the tree in her cape.

This little silhouette found at a vintage store in Bowling Green Va.   also a dollar.
I have a black and gold ribbon that it is attached to now hanging in a bedroom

My shirt is reflecting back into the glass.   The only thing I know about these two pictures is that I like them.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

just soup

Last night was chilly and rainy.    While getting my packing done in many plastic tubs for Christmas,   aah for at least 9 1/2 months anyway (gonna start decorating early this year as it takes me forever to get it done).
  I checked my cupboards and brought out my dried baby Lima's,  Campbell's tomato soup and from out of the freezer some chopped left over ham from Christmas.   I put them all together in my pressure cooker that I can not do without now.   No advertisement here - just the plain truth.  I got over my fear of them after using this one.

I like the fact that I didn't have to soak the beans,  I just rinsed them.

after throwing all in cooker,  I cooked for 17 minutes and then let the pressure go down on it's own as I wanted it to sit a few minutes - served with buttered french bread for me and it was SO good.
Today I am having soup again ( just seems to be the weather for it here as it's gloomy and grey.)
I love Bear Creek soups and I have the minestrone that I put in my pressure cooker along with 8 cups water.    Pressure cooked for 6 minutes - so good.
Check out the mismatched dinnerware - I just noticed it, just me for dinner anyway.
Happy Saturday

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

rusty silo

We always take a trip to Quicksburg Va. to buy apples from  Paugh's orchard.  Between our visit to New Market  and Quicksburg in October 2012 - I took a picture of one of the many barns along the way.   

 the silo has a rusty color

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chihuly - VMFA

Chihuly an American glass artist - his works are on display here in Richmond at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.   Steve and I viewed the exhibit yesterday and I wouldn't mind taking it in a second time.

Following quote from Chihuly says it best:
" The technology really hasn't changed. We use the same tools today they used 2,000 years ago. The difference is that when I started, everyone wanted to control the blowing process. I just went with it. The natural elements of fire, movement, gravity and centrifugal force were always there, and are always with us. The difference was that I worked in this abstract way and could let the forces of nature have a bigger role in the ultimate shape.” - Dale Chihuly

starting with first exhibit
Sitting on I assume a piece of acrylic - mimics water
I didn't get a very good pic of info.  hopefully you can read most of it.

Persian ceiling - this above us as we made our way to the next exhibit

Light shimmers down  side of the wall as we pass through

explanation of blankets

He proves it so

bowls are made with three layers of glass

Sea forms

tried several different ways to get shots,  rooms are on the dark side,  the one here is my favorite 

The large blue pieces that look like ice are made of acrylic and not glass

glass reeds in redwood


Sunday, January 6, 2013

I can finally post pictures now

Glad the picture load is resolved.

I logged on  google chrome and now I can post pics.   I thought at first I had to use the flicker acct. but didn't want to use it.   Google chrome works and now I can load as usual.    Maybe a way to make us use Chrome,  who knows?  I didn't go into my settings to see if the red x was still checked maybe taking that off could have helped.  But anyway can finally use the picture load like I used to .