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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Looks like Spring

A few shots of spring before grand girl Genevieve picks them all.  She loves to pick any flower she sees, just can't help herself.

I am just about giving up on grass growing.

hyacinths coming up under boxwoods along with weeds that will need to be pulled now the weather is warmer

lavender in pot was rooted from a sprig two summers ago

this one was rooted from a cutting three seasons ago

lavender cuttings that are rooting now in little pots outside

volunteer pansey in pot popped up  and looks like sunshine

purple volunteer 

Happy Sunday

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

water shots

Traveling  middle peninsula  with beautiful water views and pretty farmland was soothing for the both of us.
Boaters paradise is what it is called and I can see why.

Thomas Downing bridge that is between Tappahannock and Warsaw.
The town of Tappahannock located on the Rappahannock river.

view from the bridge as we go over


Another bridge in White Stone Va.  is the Robert O. Norris bridge.  Known by locals as White Stone bridge or Rappahannock river bridge.   Some find it a little uncomfortable I hear about crossing it,  but I didn't.
Crossing for state route 3 over the Rappahannock river between Lancaster and Middlesex county in Virginia.

Heading to the trusses

I heard it shakes a little in high winds,  was hoping for wind so I could see if it's true.

awesome I think

On the end of the bridge at  left is Willabys Restaurant which was not open at the time,  so we will have to eat there another time for sure.
Heard it's very good.
Nice eating spots on the outside .
Here you can see the Norris bridge

on the dock is a  picnic table with umbrella - on we go

Philippi Christian church in Deltaville
Founded in 1871

Ending with a beautiful sunset
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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Happy Saturday.   Getting ready to head out for an overnight just to get away.
Not sure where we'll stay or see at this point,  we're winging it.  

Before I go - some pictures of the Australian shepherd that the grand girls got for Christmas,  he is growing.   Adalyn named him  *Star* and Genevieve agreed he is.

He is so spoiled


He seems to know the camera now

Adalyn and her valentine she made

Genevieve with that sweet smile
I need to get a picture of her valentine she made, it's so busy with stickers and glittered hearts.
But when it's time to go,  she is ready to go.
Addy sit her polar bear on the box and asked me to get a picture of him.
Well here he is.
Later and Happy Saturday

Thursday, February 9, 2017


And it is a sweet thing daughter Annette and her family sent Steve and I..   I had one earlier and will  have one in the morning with coffee too.    These are so fresh and the chocolate they are dipped in is so darn tasty.   It's not a real sweet chocolate, it's just right.
I like the one with the nuts sprinkled on.

probably be all gone tomorrow night.

Thank you - you three, very sweet of you to remember.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday outing

Steve and I took a little ride for the day to get away and have lunch at one of the places we like in the Colonial Beach area.   Wilkinsons served up some very good steamed shrimp cooked to perfection.   Hush puppies with butter was so good.    But by the time we got our tenderloin sandwich with baked potato, we were done.   So filling
The view from our booth - relaxing lunch for sure.

The shrimp were huge and dipped in the  melted butter -- yumm

Like I said we were so full , until we were asked if we wanted dessert and found they had home made key lime pie, so we shared a slice.

The area around Colonial Beach looks like it's being re- newed for lack of a better word.   Murals were on the side of some buildings

This one is on the side of a  real estate office

Looks like this old hotel has been sold and taking on some type of facelift.

Another new face is Dennison Street Inn
Pretty property

water was so clear and moving from all of the wind.  I found a few shells and glass along with some drift wood to add to my collection.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Today is Steve and my anniversary.
I love silver and always pick up a silver bowl or tray I see at thrift stores.   I like to put candy in them and sit on the side table or anywhere really.  They brighten up a spot and I like it when silver even turns a dark blue color from not cleaning.   I think the patina is so pretty.

Steve surprised me with a vintage tea and coffee set,  like I said I am always admiring them in the antique shops.

A sweet card to throw me off, and it didn't work.

See,  it brightens an other wise blah and not so bright area. I know the grand girls will want to have tea now.  I will serve them some green tea with little tea cakes.
Thank you Steve,  I love my vintage set VERY MUCH!!

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