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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A wedding and cupcake holder

In May 2011,  my sister married.     She wanted cupcakes for her wedding cake.   The cupcake holders out there were not what she really wanted ,  wow some of the holder were pricey also. So  I made this one for her.   Will be glad to post how I made it if anyone would like to know.
 My sister Donna made the cupcakes,   we both made the cupcake jackets (can't think of the right name for them at this moment) out of doilies.
 I found paper at a local chain for the tiers, glued the beads on and found a way to weigh it down  if we were to use it outside and  scared of it getting blown over and anything else that could happen.   
Didn't take too long to make.  the little fluffy thing sitting on the tier is a cupcake made with Styrofoam ball and rose petals,  I put on the top some sprinkle glitter that looked like sugar.
I added tulle and extra ribbon for pew bows ,   these were found at the Dollar Store and 

These Whoopi Pies I made for Randy (the groom) as he is from Maine and loves them.   They turned out really well.   Photo courtesy of Amy Nicole Photography

Here are the cupcakes,  Donna Gwaltney who is the photographer's mother  made different flavors and butter cream frosting from scratch
This picture of the cupcakes on the tree are taken by my  niece AmyGwaltney,  as she was the photographer for her aunt Lynn and her husband Randall Nutting 
If you click on her name you can see Lynn and Randy,   Lynn made her dress for  the wedding and did a marvelous job of it.   She also made her table covers  which were lavender and white.
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