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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Natural Bridge October 2022

 October 2022 was visit to Natural Bridge in Va. I didn't get around to posting it then, so I will do that now.  October was a pleasant time to go.

More beautiful scenery along the way

Natural Bridge hotel

Lobby entrance with busts of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson called Natural Bridge "The most sublime of nature's works."
He purchased 157 acres of land plus the bridge from King George 111 of England in 1774.
Surveyed by George Washington.
taking elevator to our room

A beautiful stay in the Shenandoah valley with views of Blue Ridge Mountains
from our balcony

The building across the lot is the entrance to the bridge.

Early dinner

We had simple meal and Steve's was Cajun Shrimp and grits.     It was spicy, and he paid for that with indigestion all night.  I tried to tell him, but he never listens.  
Probably didn't help much that he had to have pizza on flat bread before.

I had the club sandwich. 

A walk to see the Natural bridge is through a tunnel under street.

After purchasing tickets, a walk down some steps to see some pretty nature and bridge

One of Virginias earliest tourist attractions.  Rockbridge County created in 1778 was named after the bridge.
John Peter Stallings was the first European to document seeing the bridge.  A captive of American Indians for 6 years and is written he probably saw it within that time.  He wrote about the bridge in his journal in 1742.
I got this info from, the bridges history.

You can drive over the bridge on US 11 but cannot see it until you walk under it. 

I must say I am cautious of possible falling rock. 

Engraved marking by George Washington who surveyed the area

I tried to get a close up and tweak it some, but this is best I could get.

Hiway 11 on top. You can see fence on top in this picture. 
on our way home we always stop for a stretch at the 20 minute cliff

bye for now 😀

Monday, April 24, 2023

Happy Monday

 Catching up on yard work and getting ready for new floor in den has kept us busy.   Will hopefully soon have the baseboard heaters cut out and then will proceed with the floor.  It's carpet now and we will have a laminate of some sort.  Maybe a vinyl laminate since it's downstairs on cement floor and the next room adjacent is laundry.  If ever a water leak, I think vinyl laminate will be the best, maybe.  Still researching.

Outside the last of our azaleas are blooming.  I took pictures of each type that bloomed this year and I do not know the names of all since they were here when we moved in. 

Coral Bells

I believe this one is called Garards Rose

I believe this is called Perfecto Mundo double white.
Another white azalea but different type

Very large bloom and on day I hope to be able to sit down and get the names to all.

Bicolor on the same shrub

This is the shrub the top two are from
same shrub at golden hour

Rows of box to be clipped next and the side yard to house I am going to remove the azaleas, relocate somewhere else.

These are in the back yard.   I am trimming way hard on these.  They always come back.  

 I like how just one stem from azalea makes a bouquet. 

view from bedroom side window

View from back

I switched out the curtains in our bedroom. I guess anyone can see I like flowers.

I have the bed around the tree that I am going to throw some seeds in.  Maybe petunias as they run and cover an area really well. 

  I never tire of this view to the white dogwood tree.  The past few days though, it looks like snow falling as the petals are starting to drop.

An arrangement of azaleas and one Peony that has bloomed so far.

I have roses blooming now. I love it.

Although the Daffodils are long gone, I am still enjoying these that dried in the vase

View from home office window 
Bye for now.