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Saturday, September 29, 2012

pumpkins and outdoor pics

I took Adalyn to the Berry Farm - it is called that anyway.   There are no strawberries to be picked  from the fields anymore,  always looked forward to the hayride for fresh berries.   A disease some years back did it's toll on the berries, so now it's pumpkins in fall with hayride and activities for halloween. 
plants replaced with pumpkins

Addy chewing on her toy -
a nice drive down a winding country road
In the red barn - Christmas trees are being set up along with ornaments.   Will be back to see this when it's finished.
behind Addy is a pond with Koi fish.   She wanted nothing to do with seeing them,  it's this big rock she likes.  Probably feeling the warmth it gives from the sun.
she is thinking about something here and it's probably the shadow she casts of herself on the rock

The silo is covered in vines .   So pretty

Will not be much longer when we will see the flowers die back.  I have heard that the longer they bloom- the worse the winter will be.

Til next time - Betsy

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall sale

Fall visit to Snow Creek farm,  didn't really purchase a lot.    We went to last day of their sale, so everything was pretty much picked over.
Lots of pumpkins
I like the orange pumpkins the best.    Gonna try a medium size white one to cook-have read they make a good  soup.  
 There were a few items that we liked.
Steve had to have peacock feathers and she sold them to us for $.50 a piece.
We didn't get to see the peacocks.    Pinned to  keep the fox away

front porch
I really do not like the  knotty one so much
This close to entrance
I didn't take a lot inside
These chicks are so adorable ,  mom was friendly

These were $.50 a piece,  nice to hang in window as they are colorful enough that the small grandchildren will enjoy seeing the colors
table runner,  I am going to place a hanger at the top to hang in dining room like a bell pull.  I will put a tassel on the bottom

Monday, September 24, 2012

Barn Charm - Maryland Barn

I got this shot on the way home from Leonardtown Md.  Taken from car window.

I am joining Barn Charm this week where there are many others to see.


A pretty Church

Emanuel Episcopal Church - a historical church built in 1860.  
Still in use and services are held twice a month.
Located on 301 in Port Conway  in King George County Va
We stopped here and looked around after visiting historical area of Port Royal
I took following pictures in June this year

Historical graveyard

Steve walking the Labyrinth in church yard
In the background is wide open fields planted with corn,  hope it stays this open.

graceful curve of brick wall surrounding the church

I like the brick courtyard

Large tree directly across 301 from the church

Happy Monday

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barn in Bedford Va

October of last year Steve and I drove to Bedford Va to sightsee and visit the apple orchard.    The barn pictured is at the crossroads of Penick and Sheep Creek roads.   I took this as we were making our to the orchard.     We will be going again this October also.  Love this area.   Very pretty stone work.
I am sharing with  Barn Charm

flowers left in my garden

Mornings are getting chillier , the leaves on the flowers  are started to turn brown , soon the flowers will be too.
I am  collecting seeds to plant in the spring.
Here are some that are just as lovely now as they were in the summer

Will plant more of the sunflower  next year.   Pretty color and the finch early in the morning feed on it, 
 I come out
with my morning coffee to watch them and hopefully get a picture too.
Another zinnia
I have several types planted

I purchased several of the arrangers from the garden shop at Ginter  
Position it on top of a vase

and just place the flowers

Tis the last rose of summer
left blooming alone
All her lovely companions
are faded and gone

Thomas Moore - The last Rose of Summer,  1830

Til next time
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