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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hollywood Cemetery

     Hollywood Cemetery - established in 1849.  Named for the many holly trees that dot the landscape .
It's designed in a rural garden style with areas fenced in with seating for visits from family and friends. 
Several ghosts stories associated with Hollywood as with most cemetaries,  like the dog at the childs grave
The iron dog used to sit in front of a store in Richmond.   Children with the last name of Reese would go by  and play on it and pet it.  It was bought by I believe the grandfather who placed it here to save it from being melted down to make bullets when the Civil war broke.out   The dog marks the graves of Reeses children.   
You can see candy placed in the niche of the headstone
One story says the dog has chased away visitors from the childrens graves
( is where I took some info on hollywood cemetery)

lily of the valley - purity and innocence
crypt in side of hill
stained glass in crypt

fenced in family plot with seating
doors to crypts

  there is vampire legend about a Mr. W.W. Poole who was an accountant that died in the 1920's
who was buried in one of the crypts here.  
 There was a train tunnel collapse in the year 1925 in Church hill
A fireman was shoveling coal in the steam tank of a train , the tunnel caved and the tank ruptured which burnt the fireman Benjamin Mosby badly.   Burned horribly- with skin hanging  and  several teeth broken -running he made it to the opening of the tunnel in shock before the collapse,  he died at Grace hospital the next day.   It has been passed on that someone saw the burning man run to Pooles crypt and that is how th legend of the vampire  came about.    
 I have also heard that Pooles crypt has been broken into so many times(by satanic cult)  with his bones found in another area of the cemetary.   Also heard that he has been moved to another  cemetery because of the break ins.
 There are so many tales out there - who knows really
Twenty five confederate generals are buried here .  Two are George Pickett and J.E.B Stuart
In 1869 a 90 foot granite pyramid was built as a memorial to more than  18,000 men of the confederate Army who are buried here.
It's been reported that  moans have been heard in the evening coming from the pyramid and that cold spots are felt.     This is a beautiful place,  well maintained and people everywhere - doesn't matter to me,  I want nothing to do with this place in the late afternoon.  
swords crossed - death in battle
Reports of being followed by the eyes of some of the statues here
After reading the haunted stories  and seeing the statues,  I guess the mind starts playing tricks
I never see or feel any of what the haunted tales tell - during the day anyway.
I am sure at late evening it looks scary with the shadows casts by the
statues and grave stones.

Beautiful monuments to the deceased - Lamb , innocence

Our Lady of Lourdes
The cemetary over looking the James River.  Symbolizing for some the River Jordan 
Lovely old iron fence
An earlier post I wrote about a woman who was visiting told me this was a whisper wall and
it does work,  my friend Carolyn sits on one end while I on the other whispered to each other and it carried our words to one another.
Till next time
Happy Haunts on  Halloween

Sunday, October 28, 2012

few b'day pics

Last Saturday was my b'day.   Annette and John baked me a cake and had fun designing and covering it  a pretty color blue  marzipan.    It was huge and gooooood.    They brought me a sewing machine which I needed so much,    I like the idea that it is easy to use and easy to thread.      I have already started sewing my curtains and making some Christmas gifts.   Derek and Miranda brought me a gift certificate for Michaels,  a store I visit very often.    A Christmas dog from addy that sings.   I got very nice gifts from friends and family and so appreciative  every one.  
Here are a few pics of last saturday.   

Annette and John holding niece Adalyn-love the party outfit she has on.    They are back here from the base in Arizona-Annette brought the Arizona suntan  with her.

Addy and her dad Derek, (she has those little lips pursed)   missed Miranda as she had to work

Look at those little flapping ears to jingle bells
Seth took this pic outside and it was dark without the flash -

Tyler,  Ryan Alaina live in Hawaii -  they sent me this pretty colored pictures and some sweet pictures of themselves

sweet pictures of the three of them

They fixed the ping pong table up and there is not only cake but ice cream too,  didn't sleep a wink this night ,   both were so good.
I like this machine as it sews quietly and easy to use

I love the Midsomer murders series -  the scenes are shot on location in various places in England.   Beautiful country side and cottages - aahh I really like it.
 Steve got me the set
A few weeks ago while traveling through Gordonsville Va.   we stopped at an antique shop
I saw this doll and love it,   Steve got it for me as a surprise.

Handsome grandson Seth holding his cousin adalyn,

Seth brought me flowers - He looked so sweet getting out of the car with them

My sister Donna made these-love'em
I have already started reading this book and can't put it down.  Very interesting story about F.W.Woolworth from Jennifer


I loved everything and had a good time,  first time in ages that Annette and John and Seth were here as military life makes it a little hard to get together often

I hope I get another post before the wind knocks my connection or electricity out
I am praying  for everyone safety in the path of Sandy,  we haven't gotten wind yet but are supposed to, it is raining some at this moment

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barn post

On the way to Gordonsville Va. Saturday,  I got a picture of this pretty barn on a hill from the auto.    It is located on route 33  ,  I think in Louisa county at this point but not real sure.     I am  sharing  with  Barn Charm this week where you can see lots more.

I got this shot going to - and

coming back home - little hazy here

A nice sunset later in the day  as we were almost home

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out with Addy

Friday was such a pretty fall day.    I took my grand daughter for a stroll to a historical area not to far from me for a change of scenery.    Pretty park like setting here in the courtyard that houses the old courthouse and Jail.    She has her favorite apple and  carrot juice with her.

on our way in


Jail in distance
Early 19th century, built about 1835 - with stone quarried from the South Anna river, the walls are  24 inches thick
Two cells and a passageway on each floor.  Used as a jail til late 1930's .  Home now to Hanover Historical Society

Very little sunlight I would imagine getting through these small windows

I like the way the shadows from the trees are casts on the court house and grounds

Other than Patrick Henrys "Parsons Cause case "  important events included:

Visited by Wm Byrd in 1741

The famous Presbyterian minister Samuel Davies sent Hanover troops off to the French and Indian war with a sermon at the courthouse

The Resolutions of 1774 sent John Syme and Patrick Henry to the Virginia Convention

Visited by the Marqui  de Chastellux in the fall of 1781 on his way to visit General Nelson at Offley(western Hanover)

Lord Cornwallis and his army camped here in 1781

A Resolution condemning the African slave trade as dangerous was passed at the courthouse

J.E.B Stuart received his commission in the Confederate army at the courthouse and had his cavalry headquarters here during winter of 1863 - 64

She is thinking about getting around the tree.  Very cautious in these early stages of her starting to walk

She sees something here

Here I come

This is the time I put the camera down and pick her up and kiss her sweet little chunky cheeks,  I love seeing her smile like that

On the way out.   The large boxwoods against the old brick wall scent the air.
Back home again

The pumpkin near the top of the steps is one Addy picked out for me at the pumpkin patch
til next time

Happy Sunday
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