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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Downtown Disney

Genevieve having fun at water spouts in Downtown Disney

So much fun and felt so good in Central Florida in the Middle of July

She had that foot up ,  ready to run

pt two disney 

Pt three disney

pt four disney

Kinda - about town

Been on vacation the past week.   Derek and Miranda invited me to go with them and the grand girls,  had a great time!    Time just flew way to fast while away.

Here a few pics on one of our days
Derek checking out the architecture of the city

clothes lines  in the alley

balconies with grills
and chairs for lounging although the hot and humid day kept everyone from grilling out for sure

Yep,  we had a great day visiting  HOLLYWOOD DISNEY in Orlando Florida -  The city looked so real! Would never think of it representing a movie set till we saw the other side of the buildings.
Here is the backside of the set

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

what's growing

Plenty of rain and days with heavy humidity hasn't been really good to my plants.

Plenty of mushroom growth.  I have to make sure the grandchildren do not get a hold of these.

  Seems like the moles are more active this year along with the voles.
What used to look like this (above)
 now looks like

I pulled up what I had left with roots , place in the ground some plastic fencing,  hope it keeps the varmints out

Japanese beetles love the Hibiscus.  So far I have been keeping them off.


I don't think the begonias can be hurt by anything,  they always thrive through too much rain, bugs and extreme heat.

few glads blooming

puny little moonflower vine.  I am hoping it will climb the light post eventually.

Didn't plant much in the way of veggies this year,  I want to next year,  but so far the tomatoes I have pulled off have had rot at the base.   One reason is too much rain.

cukes here

mums blooming

Well that's about it for now.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The glads have started to bloom.  I didn't stagger plantings of any of the bulbs this year so all of them will come in at once or close to it.

Large leaves of my begonia show the glads well I think

this one is done in photo shop with the plastic film look

In an old sauers extract bottle sitting on a window ledge

I have to bring in what few blooms have made it so far this year because the Japanese beetles are horrible this year.  The are eating up anything that grows.

portulaca on fence

the only bloom I have this year for the hydrangea

I purchased a few succulents and love how this one looks in the frog planter

this one growing in a plastic stemmed goblet

Thursday, July 9, 2015

front yard gardens and whimsy

Some front yard gardens decorated nicely with some cute yard ornaments in the town of Ashland.
This one has a sweet penguin,  just the penguin and nothing else to take away from it,  made me want to take a closer look.

The nice lady who lived here showed Genevieve what was hidden in the yellow flowers

get a little closer still
A mermaid,  frog and lady bug

Genevieve liked it so much here - she wanted to go in.

Little village in the crook of the tree roots

The little clock is so sweet ,  table set for dinner - just adorable

nice home for sale,   cement fruit urns on either side of the walk

Now - he is just plain cute

a local green store here in Ashland  pictures.

I purchased one of these hanging pots from here earlier and have one hanging on my fence gate with volunteer petunias in it.

A planting sock

Above sculpture of fish definitely caught my eye,  so neat.
Re bar bent into shape of fish with saw in center, shears, railroad spike, lawnmower blade for fin, etc.

A healthy looking pot of plants in front of store.

That's all for now

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