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Saturday, September 29, 2018


My daughter visited last week and brought me some tomatoes to can from her green house garden.
I did just that.
tomatoes and green peppers

I have these in the window waiting to ripen

More to can

I am keeping this stove downstairs to use for canning.  Our new stove has glass top and it would just not be good to regulate the temperature to can..Not for me anyway. 

These pears I will use to make pear butter.

Tonight I had fried tomato BLT.  I used cornstarch and a little corn meal mixed with it to lightly fry to use in salad.  I had a salad like this in Savannah and I totally loved it.

Well now I will start readying the peppers to make pepper jelly.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Stepped outside to catch a rainbow.  So pretty.  A tornado touched down near Richmond today and we are under a watch til 10:00 pm, last I heard anyway.

not sure what this halo is across from the rainbow.  I know it's not lens glare because I saw it before I held the camera up to capture it.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Happy Thursday

Rainy Thursday it is and good day to get chores done inside. 
More yard work to do but getting there. Steve has been busy cutting grass, weeding and laying of gravel near the foundation.  We decided we would try this as it will not shift as much as mulch does when it rains.  Our place is sloped which is good in some ways but heavy downpours can be a problem.
Still  thinking about rock all around the boxwoods.  I see I have two to replace it looks to be.

After picture with some gravel.

I don't like mulch touching the house.

After this year,  the mums in the swans will be taken out.  They are getting to large for them.   I purchased these mums last year in little pots from walmart for not much more than a dollar.

Mandevilla is just about finished.  Something now looks like it's eating the lower leaves.  All summer not a bug and now the leaves are almost gone at the bottom.

I wonder how many more years the lavender behind this pretty zinnia will continue to thrive under the dogwood tree?  It's spreading for sure.

A moonflower at the base of the crepe myrtle trailing up in the limbs.

In ground planter of flowers.   They do better this way as it keeps the moles away from the roots.
Til next time..Betsy

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

First day

A few pics of Adalyn's first day of first grade.  She is such a sweet little thing and all smiles ready to leave at 7a.m.
She loves her doggy and he is watching out for her.

Star is funny, he just watches when he is out on the steps.

Have a great day sweetie.

Water view

Where has the time gone?  Time to pull out dead vegetable plants and get the yard in order. 
Some much needed work around the house is on the agenda.  Little painting to be done,so I will be busy the next month.
Monday was such a nice day and we spent it quietly.  We took a drive to the beach and did checkout a few antique shops.
Was not much of a breeze at the beach so we didn't do much walking.
I did take a few pictures.  
The cloud formations are just so beautiful.

Love this mural on someone's garage

A little clip of the water at colonial beach

Happy Wednesday