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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Beautiful Spring

Wow, what happened to April?  It's almost gone and I haven't put much in the ground by way of veggies yet.  I have quite a few in pots but won't be using all of them as I didn't make enough space this year.  

Much needed weeding  done on the side of house by husband.  Looking good.
I may move those azaleas to the front on side of yard with the others I moved a couple years ago.

This rose was picked from the one rambler pictured above

A few roses here at the fence and three of these are the mini roses in pots I purchased after Valentines day in 2019.  All but three made it.  They are here among three other roses.  Two more are in front of boxwoods in  front yard. 

This was taken a few days ago of the reflection in the window of the dogwoods
A volunteer petunia coming up in pot that actually stayed out all winter and never died all the way back.  It's one of the old fashioned ones as I call it like Mom used to have growing at our house growing up.  It gets tall and violet color with smaller flowers but very fragrant.  

Larkspur has really reseeded itself and some I pulled up from the surrounding area here and put in pots.

This is a piece of lilac I pulled from the ground as a shoot from the one I have growing at the fence.  I will leave in the pot and see how it does.  So far so good.  I am keeping the leaves off of the little trunk and seeing how it will look with just the tuft of leaves on top. 

I may the little trunks together and see how it looks as it grows.

More volunteer lettuce for salad growing among the green peas

Looking forward to this large about 40 year old azalea  to be covered in blooms.

One of my azaleas has these clusters of flowers into a ball shape. 

Picked and put in a vase in foyer
begonias always come back 

Sky earlier and thunder storms now in the very early hours of Sunday morning and I am still up.

Grand daddys beard as Mama always calls it.  Fringe tree by some.   
 I was out in the yard Friday night and took a picture of it 


Friday, April 17, 2020

Happy Friday

Happy Friday.  Fridays used to feel different.  Actually it could be a Monday for all I know.  Every thing has been a little out of sorts and I don't need to talk about it because for one thing it's too much talk.  Same old, same old.

I picked before the grass was cut in the back some ajuga with azaleas for a cheery arrangement.

I still am enjoying the daffodils.  Dried that is.  They dry in the water It's  poured out and I do think they look like crepe paper.

I finally got around to pulling dried buds from lavender I picked from one of my plants last July, I believe.  The fragrance is strong while pulling off and lingers in the room so nicely.  One of my lavender sachets I made about six months ago have been sitting in this closed jar of Epsom salts.  The salts picked up the scent and smells divine.  Will use it in a bath later. 

This is the lavender plant that I removed above stems from.  It is old and I cut it back drastically taking a chance it wouldn't live but so far is has.
As you can see the weeds around it are flourishing nicely.  Grass has been cut since this picture taken.

Looking out this morning through the window with the pink curtains where grand girls sleep.

Out side is a blue painted cement ball that I used a beach ball to cover and then deflate and taken out.  the bottom has an opening that the ball was removed from.  

Pink dogwood in back yard still pretty

Took a ride to Home Depot the other day and coming back in the rear view mirror is the farm on other side of neighborhood.  Such a pretty day.  
riding through the neighborhood are blooming azaleas and dogwoods still in bloom.

dog woods in my yard ahead

Inside looking through my tulip wreath to get changed for more yard work

Out in the rear yard I cleaned the jalousies

Later in the evening

We ordered in from Brick Oven.  Stromboli and a large slice of pizza we split.    They do a good job in our area.  I made the salad.  Fresh curly Kale I picked from my planter was in my salad.  Two large waters to go with it.  
Will be catching up to see what others are doing very soon.   I haven't been good about it and I do enjoy seeing what everyone has been up too.  

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Wishing all a Happy Easter

Dogwood associated with Easter because it's flowers form a perfect cross.  Dark edges at the end signify  the nails of the cross.  


Saturday, April 11, 2020

Gosh what a beautiful Saturday

Beautiful and sunny today but heard it will be windy and rainy on Easter day.
Looking from living room window out to the white dogwood, such a welcoming site. 

Side window in living room has pansies in the window still blooming pretty and these are volunteers from last year.  

Can't see them too well from the outside.

On living room side table are some blown chicken eggs that I decoupaged about four years ago.  
I used napkins.  It's sitting on a cement leaf I made from a large squash leaf I grew in the garden several years back.  

Ventured out earlier to target to  get some last minute things and as I pull in the driveway are the pretty azaleas bloom in the side front yard.  The red one is taking more time to fully open.

Jalousie windows on porch that I am not sure I want replaced.  I kinda like the retro look. Just me and the bird sitting here.

Pretty paper egg Genevievie made to hang on our front door knob.  I love it.

She put this on the back.

Now off to make a cake

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