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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Saturday Drive

Nice day to get out for a drive to the beach.   Colonial Beach.  I found some driftwood to add to my growing collection.
Very windy.  I feel no aches or pains walking in the sand on a day like this.  I love it!

Clip of the day at Colonial Beach

lunch at Wilkersons in Colonial Beach.
Shrimp, salad, flounder etc...

like the driftwood art over the mantle.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Since the sun has come out shining so pretty.  Had to capture a few trees with ice that glitters in the light.
I want to stay in a cabin with a big stone fireplace with the next snow.  I guess one could say "I LOVE SNOW".

back to vacuuming

Snowy Monday

Ahh, such a pretty sight this morning at 7ish a.m.

Weeping willow with frozen branches

back inside looking out and a pleasant sight

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Old Point Comfort Light

A look behind me from the beach is the Light

Old Point Comfort Light

Beautiful light house and it's in between private homes now. I carefully walked around it so not to disturb homeowners.

Peeling paint and some work looks like it needs to be done to preserve it.

You can see a glow from the light a little bit if you look close

now a walk down further to take a closer look at the Fort

Monday, January 7, 2019

Fort Monroe - Hampton Va -. Beach

Hampton Virginia's  National Monument - Fort Monroe, a decommissioned military installation.
Located on  Old Point Comfort, the southern tip of the Virginia Peninsula.

 Fort Monroe-170 historical buildings  inside of 565 acres.  Included is 8 miles of waterfront and 3.2 miles of beaches on the Chesapeake Bay.

A walk along the beach first.  I always feel better when I do.  Fresh air and a breeze with a pleasing walk in the sand took all of my cares away.  I just feel so much healthier near the water such as this.

Our day trip on Saturday consisted of  about a 90 mile drive. Will do again real soon.

Always good to be aware and good information posted looking over the water.

Seaweed?  Don't know what this is called.

A short clip of the bay

Behind me is the lighthouse and pictures tomorrow.

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