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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch in the country

For lunch one day last week, my husband and I decided to take a ride in the country closer to our home and check out a place we have never been too. I am beginning to like this primitive type decor items. This place got me in the mood for changing out some stuff at home.

The food was great and so much of it. I took my time eating and taking in the surroundings.

There were items for sale in the barnMy husband really liked this maytag washer. I know he did, I must say he likes the one we have at home also, he likes the way I use it that is.I thought the wire rabbit was pretty clever
never know when ya may need one of these...............................................................................

I really like the way the boots are placed on the porch with flowers...soooo cute
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Love the vintage tub planter

Monday, June 15, 2009


Again I made more rose petal jelly and this time I steeped some lavender with the petals, which made me wanting to take a drive to the place I got my first lavender plants, which are huge now.
Steve and I took a drive out to Lavender Fields Saturday, a nice farm that sells plants which always do well after I get them in the ground and has great lavender ice cream.
A nice gift shop with lavender soap and other unique items.
I am going to have to raise my beds next year and maybe the moles will leave them alone.

nice little perch for resting with a bowl of Lavender ice cream over looking the Chickahominy River.Pretty roses on the arbor

Metal art in the gardens--------------------

On the way out, I stopped to snap his pix and he just starting crowing, loud and noisy.

elephantI like the dog peeking out around the tree

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Day of Wine (jelly) and Roses

My husband brought me beautiful roses a couple days ago, he thought they would cheer me up , since the rain storm we had practically demolished my garden, he is such a sweet guy and I am so lucky.

The down pour left a lot of sand. This area is sandy anyway and that is why the tomatoes do so well. I will get to work and try to save these squash plants.
Looks pretty pitiful, but there are worse things, like having no rain at all. By the way, here is a link about the Ashland Farmers market .. Looks like I will be shopping for produce there if this keeps up. Great place for home grown vegetables and a variety of other products.

I decided to make some wine jelly today . Tastes great over cream cheese on toasted bagel. So easy to make and a lot less expensive than buying in the stores.


A couple craft projects of mine......

A rose window made for a friend that hangs in bathroom window for privacy.

Two pillows for our bed, I latch hooked these with left over yarn, I just did a random mosaic pattern with the colors of yarn I had left over from other projects.

til next time

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day after the rain -- June 4 '09

Wow did it ever storm yesterday evening. Our creek beside the house ran over, I knew it could get a little high, but not this high. The azaelas got covered in water, but were still there this morning when the water receded.

Looked much better this morning. My azaelas looked like they did before the storm. I also have a sand bar.

Froggy still in the tree.

You can see in previous picture with the willow how high the water was.Never used to be rocks or brick in the creek.

More rain on the way. I am off to take a look at the garden area. Have a great day and send an email. I love to hear from ya.

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