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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Eve

I have a few more postings to be made to my Christmas blog and here is the latest one →
Christmas Eve

Friday, December 6, 2019

Maine house

Finally in Maine and at the end of September this year are these pretty flowers at front door drive to greet.
This is late September and the flowers and the garden are still producing.  

Entry Foyer they painted and did work on the stairs I believe she said.  

A lighting fixture she found.  I love it.  

I love this art piece she found.  

Lynn and Randy lowered their ceilings.  This tin bathroom wall treatment was once in one of their ceilings.
I think this is a very clever use for it.  I also like that picture hanging in the bath above it.

Lynn put this up on her wall herself.

A pretty wreath she made of her pinecones.  It's a huge wreath.  Beautiful!

A stained glass cross she made some time back hangs in kitchen window. I think when we change out our windows, we will put in roll out ones.  I don't like the tilt out very well, good for cleaning but somewhat awkward to handle with upper and lower windows.

we stayed in this room upstairs

this is an antique porcelain baby wash basin.  It has nursery rhyme characters on the inside.

Hanging on the wall is a neat way to house a precious book.  Frame with a door.
The book her husband found for her.
 Written by our Grandfather - Ethelbert Perry Sheldon.
"The Peruvian Tradgedy".  Published 1940
A drama written in blank verse. A form of verse using Iambic Pentameter.

A clip of the little stream that is stocked with trout running through their property.
Garden produced pumpkins, green beans, tomatoes, etc..
I saw about 15 quarts of beans that she put up and more were  canned when we left.  She made preserves of blueberry, blackberry, grape from her vines and she makes wine.  All types.
Maine may have a short growing season but the veggies love it and it produces plenty.  Apples are so delicious and juicy on the trees.  The trees everywhere are loaded with them.

She said her neighbor saw a black animal in the yard early one morning and thought from a distance to be their lab who is a big dog.  It wasn't, it was a bear.

first part of out trip

Monday, December 2, 2019


I still post here but when I have Christmas postings, I have them here →  Also  a clickable Christmas badge on sidebar.
One day I will finish putting out my decorations.  Slower every year I am afraid.

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