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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Garden rocks and flowers

Visited my sister in law on   thursday in the country.   We walked the yard to look at  the flower beds.  Water standing as we have had plenty of it these days.
Four poisonous snake bites in her neighborhood, one was in the shrubbery that was being sheared and it bit the persons hand.   Hearing more stories of snake bites and the  snakes seem to be more aggressive this year.
 If I see them, I will try to get rid of them (kill).   Hate to let one get away.

Her pretty wreath on front door

from the front porch you can see the little gnome village under the light.

wished it wasn't so blurry .  Can hear the water fountain running in the village.

On the left side of the front porch is the childrens little porch with chairs and plants.  They have tea out here.

Cute yard sale find of a garden scene
In the center front yard are two chairs and a fat frog.

To the left of the front yard is this garden area made by my nephew keith.
He brought all of the smooth rocks from their woods in the very back.   Look like river rock.

A foot bridge he placed there and then dug the dry creek bed which he lined with rock.  I am sure it took him a while to lay each and every one.

I think it looks so neat

A work in progress

nice area for a respite on a hot day with tea,  beautiful deep blue hydrangeas in background

I think I shall do the same thing here at the house with the brick path at my porch, so I won't have to weed   Wanda has  potted flowers  she puts in the space for color.

Walkway to the little garden cottage made with slate found in yard and more rock.
You can see that drops of rain are starting to come down again on the slate.
Happy Sunday

Monday, June 13, 2016


Fort Lauderdale this morning.

No, it's not me,  DIL Miranda taking a few extra rays from sun before heading home today.

picture perfect morning

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy and Hot Sunday

Happy Sunday- Weather channel says it will hit 97 degrees today.
Just came in from watering.   A plant - Stelladora,  a friend gave me last year because she said they stopped blooming - is blooming.   I planted it in the woodland area under the dog wood tree.  Partial shade and it must like it

my gladiola that just bloomed is next to a painting in Steve's office
I do love these plants.

I planted this climbing rose on the side of the house  just to get it in the ground last year.  I didn't know it would do well and now I see it must like it here.

will see if this morning glory will run up this trellis.  The growing planter is shabby looking but one more year won't be any worse for wear.

reflection in sunporch jalousie of potted lavender

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


On my way out to have coffee before I start the yard chores again.  I think I will name my home 'weedville'.  That seems to be all we ever do , not so you could tell it though.

Bottom of our steps

two planters on either side with seeds I put in of wildflower packet
I added the petunia

looking to the creek to pick a few swamp magnolia blooms

Highly fragrant

at the garage and the only way I ever wanna see one

A Christmas gift for Steve.   He saw this at the "Refunk it" shop here in Ashland.
Made from a variety of metal parts from tools of some sort.  The jaws look like they are made from post hole diggers.

Back to inside to get something done,  getting a little warm in the sun

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday flowers

Saturday and Sunny - yayyy.   Back inside to do some chores after being out to check on the lavender and put some foil around the base of the tomato plants.

Lavender I would love to put in the ground,  as you can see it is planted in a bottomless cement pipe of sorts.  This plant is about 9 years old and I feel like I should put it in the ground,  but now afraid I may kill it if I move it.  Provence Lavender is the name of it and I still have three bags of lavender buds from last year taken off of it.
I cut it back each year to the woody stems.

Tomatoes are not very big right this moment, but didn't get to plant them earlier as there was so much rain and it was a chilly spring here.   I put foil around the base as it helps keep the cut worms at bay.   It worked for me year before last.   Last summer I didn't put the foil around the stems and the cut worms got a hold of my plants, so back to it this year.

a few cukes I am trying in pots,  will put a trellis in the pot later today so the cukes have something to run on .

Basil comes back more and more each year.  I have to pull a lot of it out as it takes over the area.   Very fragrant and tasty.

Brown eyed Susan always comes back and it's ready to bloom

little pot on my fence

 a twenty year old tea rose that I have moved from my previous house to here.

Couldn't resist picking and bringing inside.

This little flower is Genevieve at the Strawberry Faire today after a face painting

Her big sister Adalyn ,  also our pretty little flower with her face painting
Happy Saturday
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