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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yard things

Haven't been posting very much lately because mainly there has not been to much going on to blog about .  
  There will be some more snow to come in the early morning hours so I did get outside to get some pots ready for planting.  
I purchased this walk up green house to start seedlings in,  It's  getting on in the season to plant seeds,  so I better get started.    Tractor Supply had it for $25.00 here,  so I grabbed  one before they sold out.

It'll work
the chair above Steve thought would look well in the garden area,  our anniversary gift for the yard.
I love it
Above -  we  purchased at a garden center in
Gordensville Va..       The gentleman said it was made in Devonshire England.    Will perch this on a pedestal
Not sure what to plant in the Swans or where to place them exactly
Will probably paint them a soft grey
Some garden ornaments sitting on the shelf in a shed,  will be bringing them out when the weather gets warm
I trimmed this lavender that is growing in this cement pipe for the last 4 years and it yields quite a bit of lavender
Another tree down in the woods
I need to somehow get to this bell on the pipe its sitting on up high in the yard,  little rusty.
I was told by relatives of the original owners of our house that the bell came from a farm in Chase City Virginia,   I thought that was pretty neat as my mom was born in Chase City and lived there for a while.
Well enough for now - til next time - Betsy

Monday, February 17, 2014


Valentines Day Roses from Steve

the ink well below is a find from a vintage store near me.   It's  crystal and a find for $5.00

Thursday, February 13, 2014

finally here

I wanted a nice snowfall this year and it came.  I love it.   Took a walk out this morning and it felt good.
a picture of the road with some slush
The shrub at the creek has ice on it's branches

Tomorrow  is Valentines day -  I found a coat hanger to shape into a heart and then pushed on the ribbon

til next time

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Our anniversary was the 5th of February.   We didn't do much as we both are still having this lingering cold or dust allergy as my doctor put it this time of year,  who knows,  feels like a crummy cold to me.     To brighten things up is this vase of sunshine  from Steve.

this piggy for the yard  -  like him a lot
 Had lunch at Ginter Gardens and saw this butterfly shaped outdoor chair that we both wanted ,   will post a pix of that later

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Around fall of the year,  some pictures of a place we visit from time to time while making our way to other sites in the mountains is Humpback Rocks and farmstead along the blue ridge Pkwy, milepost 5.2.   An 1890 farmstead that was relocated and reconstructed here.
A visitor centere with information about the area and people.  The hike to the rocks is about a 3/4 mile or so

Warmth was needed when we visited and this fire felt so good. 

below a closer look at the ropes that held their mattress -  the mattress in those days were probably stuffed with pine needles, straw or leaves.   The ropes were pulled tight so the mattress wouldn't slump.   "sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite"  wasn't just a saying.   Bugs would get into the mattress filling ,  wouldn't want it sagging to the floor or even touching the walls because of what could crawl into the bedding.
There was a ladder to check out the loft upstairs with beds.  Since heat rises ,  I assume that would have been the warmest place to be in winter.
This instrument was hanging on the wall and I can't remember what the gentleman called it

outside the door,  a hollowed log with some flowers

closer look at the roof of chicken house

hollow logs - bee keepers


root cellar

Ash hopper
soap  usually made in fall of the year when animals were slaughtered

Hog pen
I'd think the hog was pretty safe in here


humpback ahead
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