Sunday, November 28, 2021

Moms Birthday and Thanksgiving.

 Clearing Thanksgiving and other fall items away to make way for putting up the Christmas tree.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my sister and brother in law,  Grand girls and their parents.  I wished I had taken more pictures of the day but I didn't.  Still turkey and fixings sitting in the fridge to eat up. First of all we had a Birthday celebration for Mom's 100th.  She enjoyed her family being there and she did so enjoy the made from scratch lemon and blueberry cake my sister made for her.  We will see her Tuesday for several games of checkers and she wins them all.  She is so good at checkers and scrabble.

Mom with children and our cousin Wayne 

 Now to clearing things out and taking down the Thanksgiving or fall tree that has been in the dining area.  I had on it my dried oranges and apples along with dried hydrangeas and other flowers.  
gourds I hollowed out that were set on the table 

Putting away pillows, this one I drew and painted on a pillow sham a few weeks back for our bed.

These are such good tasting cookies for out of package.  Good with coffee and tea.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Beautiful November

Not rushing the days.  Taking them slowly.  The leaves are just so beautiful this season. 

Thanksgiving next week.  Much to be thankful for.  

My grand daughter Genevieve made this pretty arrangements with some leaves she found in the yard along with a pretty flower picked from some that are still blooming .  The giant fig leaf is her favorite as so are figs that come from the tree. 

Coming to my drive at the boxwoods on the left.  This beautiful golden sight.

Sunday evening.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021


 Happy Tuesday Everyone

Was so pretty this morning with the sun shining. Yesterday, Monday it was so very breezy that it was  causing falling leaves to twirl  as they were coming down.  I had to sit out and watch for a little while.  Then on to hanging clothes on the line.  Sheets are what is nice and fresh smelling after a few hours in the sun and breeze.

 A nice relaxing drive just to get away on Sunday.  We stopped for a coffee, pumpkin spice was mine and Steve his regular with cream. 

Heading out of our neighborhood are these very pretty trees in a line. I wish the electrical lines were not in the picture.

Seemed like we were the only ones on the road.   Route 250.

Leaves are changing and that is what I really wanted to see.

We did take the grand girls to Carter mountain a few days before to pick some apples.
First time doing so. While there we enjoyed fresh from the fryer apple cider donuts. 
There was a lunch truck so we all had lunch of burgers,  
view from deck picnic table
The blue ridge in distance

Looking through to valley below
Little sour and so good and juicy.  
Genevieve left Opa holding the bag

Addy's Apple
Genevieve's  Winesap
Couldn't have picked a better or nicer day for this

Vineyards can be seen in the distance on the mountain

short clip 

Monday, November 1, 2021

October End

 Saying goodbye to October with a sweet night

Lots of treats and so enjoyed seeing the girls have a good time.

They went out with their sweet Cookie who was perfectly happy in her pumpkin attire.

Short video and now to think about Thanksgiving