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Sunday, August 21, 2016

moving along

Got my table on the porch.  I finished putting carnauba wax on it.  Hope it protects it a little bit.  I was going to faux finish doilies on top in the middle of table but changed my mind,  maybe later.   Right now I like the look of plain white.  
Be plenty of room when the leaves are up for several people to sit and eat.

Now I need to get a carpet of some sort for the middle and some cushions for the settee.   

I have some chairs in the shed,  I will probably see if they will work for extra chairs at the table.

Friday, August 19, 2016

just another day

Just another day here and everyone keeping busy,  especially the girls.
Here they couldn't make up their minds what they wanted to do first,  so they just tossed around some ideas - on the floor that is.

They all got picked up by Adalyn before some cookies I baked yesterday

While Adalyn was busy, Genevieve was busy in the office at Opa's work area.
Little fuzzy because of me moving to see what she was into there.

She said she is doing  her work stuff

She's working alright!
Steve usually puts up a page where she can type in letters or numbers and she likes doing that.

Meantime the front steps are being repointed and now drying before the cleanup.

                                         Back to the cookies
This recipe I used from a land O lakes margarine package.  It is soooo good.  I was surprised that they didn't melt down like others I have made when used just margarine instead of butter.

The recipe calls for peanuts and candy coated milk choc. pieces, and I didn't have that so I used asst.  semi choc. chips and some caramel chips  I had on hand.
Instead of the peanuts, I used slivered almonds and almond extract.  The oatmeal was 3 packages plain instant oatmeal.

These turned out really well and the texture was really great.  I did grease my dark cookie sheet because one batch I didn't grease turned out way to dark on the bottom, so greasing really worked for me.  They are just about all gone.
Next week vacation - get away a few days.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

porch table

Getting things ready to put on the porch now.  I  need to get a sisal type rug for the porch.  I also love the rugs that have large floral flowers that look like needlepoint.  In the process selecting a fan,  as the ceiling fan on porch has a broken fan blade and it's ready to be replaced.   Every thing seems like it needs to be replaced all at once.  

A friend of mine gave me a vintage table that I am painting white,  it's a shiny white, but it's what I have and I am not going out to spend anymore than I have too.  I may do some work with some lace on top for a touch of whimsy.  Not sure yet as to what,  maybe some lace decal.

Picture of grand daughter with a pom pom dog that she helped make at her day school.   So darned cute.

It has marble eyes

I think I will get some yarn and make a few and put in a basket,  so cute.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Porch floor finished

Porch floor is finished and looks so clean.    I need to update the window blinds and clean the windows.   Will put a childrens small wood rectangle table  in here so the kids can color and do crafts.
The big elephant in the room is the portable air conditioner but it cools, not sure how much we will use this room in the winter.  Might get a little electric heater for days out there.
Right now it feels so clean with the floor and new door, even though we still may have to have it swapped for the inovo door we ordered, this is prism, but will see.
some cleaning and window treatment to take care of

Wednesday is re pointing of the front steps and repairing wall in back at the sliding door.
Hopefully I can start the ceiling painting tomorrow in the bedroom where the children sleep when they come over.

Monday, August 8, 2016

getting there

Sunday,  took off to visit my Mother about 50 minutes away.  Steve decided to stop at McDonald for a snack at 3:10,  got out the car, I pushed the lock and Guess What!? The keys were left in it.
  Called the BP motor club, who are very good by the way.   Not their fault that the first two called to come decided that they couldn't open our door.    We decided to eat some burgers and I had an Egg McMuffin for a snack while waiting.  We hadn't had lunch anyway.    Coffee and a wait inside.

Finally from 315 to 510 some one came and opened up the door....  Didn't get to see mom, will go another day this week.  Two hours waiting.

On the way home we see this  pretty rainbow.

Finally some progress being made on out porch.   The sealer, then the plastic sheathing,  I don't know what it is really but will be another barrier from moisture on the porch.  The mortar and tile laid, then grout.

This picture before any tile laid - The leveler poured on the slab to make it as even as possible.

The silver lining to that rainbow.

Now if I could just figure out how to get my comment box put back here for blogger and comments.   If curser is held over the google plus button on bottom of post,  a pop up shows and a comment can be left for google plus.   I don't like google plus and want to  disconnect.   I will never mess with it again after fixing this ,  if I can that is.

Friday, August 5, 2016


Progress so far as the door was  installed today and sealant put down on cement floor.

                                   The old door that has probably been on since very early 70's

                such a hassle opening it and closing it.

New door - looks so much nicer and it slides so much easier .

A shot of the door from inside sunroom. The sealant brushed on the  floor is drying, leveling of the floor is next -tomorrow.
 Will look so good when finished

Thursday, August 4, 2016

An outing

Taking care of business in the city and taking the two grand girls with us.
  After we finished we took them for a hot dog at Sproots. Richmond's  Churchill is where it's located.    Hot dogs dressed just about anyway you like'm.

  Steve has been here several times, he gets a taste for hot dogs and this is his place to go.   Dogs, soda and desert.
  Addy ate a dog with mustard for her to dip it in,  she likes dipping.

Genevieve had a bite of my hot dog but wanted her sausage bites battered and fried with fries like Adalyn dipped in mustard and some ketchup.
She has to look them over first

they were good,  Steve had his favorite Bratwurst.

Me,  I had my hot dog with onions and sauerkraut - my favorite

Of course house made fruit drinks.   Grapefruit - basil - elderberry flavor is what Steve likes the best and now I do.

Little Adalyn

on the patio for their chocolate ice cream and they both wear  everything they eat well.
Check out that old building in the background,  guess it's being renovated or something close to it.

Genevieve cannot get enough of that juice she is drinking
Must check that flavor out

Both enjoyed seeing the city and so many huge buildings.   Adalyn always interested and asked a million questions about any and everything,  hope we answer them well enough.  Like to see her interested.
Heading home from Church hill

On the way home we passed Opa's work place , the tower on the left.  They liked seeing that.
I love downtown and would like to live in the city again.  My grand mother lived there when I was much younger and I enjoyed spending week ends there.

Pulling into the drive , flowers that the heat haven't finished drying up are looking just o.k.

The doors to replace the old worn ones on our porch have arrived and hopefully can be placed tomorrow.

Floor tile - I like it because it has a texture and looks like stone
digi tile porcelain

Everything ready to go,  now I hope they workers can get it done with in a week

The old cement slab where the out door carpet was ripped off
glad to see that mess go and even gladder when I don't have to look at the floor like it is now 

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