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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A visit to the city

Been a while since last post.  Taking care of things at home that have been put on hold for a while.
Did take some time for a watermelon festival Steve wanted to go to.
The watermelon festival in Cary town Richmond Va. was sardined packed with people.    The line for the watermelon was so long, I counted up to 30 before we walked down a way to get something to eat.
wanted crab cakes but the line was just as long there also,  so we went to the Greek restaurant there on the strip and had gyro for Steve and veggie wrap for me.
you can see the line in the distance

a band playing

I like the colors on this shop

 I had a veggie wrap at the Greek restaurant.   I love eggplant and mushrooms , onions etc. but was a little to salty for me.
Steve had a gyro
I like this art piece of our city with monument and skyline
 paper dachshunds
a picture of a pretty roof through the tree on the blvd.
nice homes with fencing nice side yard gate or door rather
 soda can art in ones yard
this looks to be a lily
couldn't help but admire the little balconies,  I called them Juliet balconies
 The both of us were thinking this little balcony would go well off of the side window in our living room - I want one.
Almost to our car here at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
bye for now

Sunday, August 10, 2014

sandwich day

For lunch last Saturday I made  Cuban sandwich's.    I have a recipe for the bread but didn't feel like making it that day so I bought some at the market,  not Cuban bread but good.

I made a boneless pork roast with juice from one orange,   juice from one lemon (all recipes called for lime juice - didn't have a lime so I used the lemon).    Seasoned the roast with oregano, cumin , salt and pepper.   About 5 garlic cloves chopped - love garlic,  chopped onions .
I cooked at 350 degrees til the thermometer said it was done and then a little more.
I let it set til cooled enough to slice nicely with my electric knife.

mustard, pickles layered inbetween ham, swiss cheese and pork roast
on grilled buttered bread
Had to have mac salad
chopped tomatoes .   I mixed vinegar and oil with some salt and little sugar , salt - pepper and dill.
Also had a side of baked beans wih bacon cooked in the oven.
I am sharing with  Masterpiece Monday
off to the watermelon festival
bye for now

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This morning - sunny with bright yellow sunflowers.   first time growing  this type,  they are about two feet tall and a vivid yellow.

---The flower that follows the sun,  does so even in cloudy days --- Robert Leighton

The earth laughs in flowers - (R.W. Emerson)


Forgot the name of this vine which I plant every year because it flourishes in pots and covers the
trellis so well and even better - the hummingbirds love it.

I usually pull these up every year but this year I let them ramble on the fence.   Morning Glory seeds are poisonous so I make sure the grand girls keep a distance as the little one is always putting things in her mouth.

adalyns hat sitting on the fence where she will find it later
two of the prettiest flowers - Addy and

Lil Genevieve who just finished her carrots

later in the day we went for ice cream in town

She did a quick turn around at the loud train going through town

til next time 
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