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Monday, March 25, 2019


Sweets for the sweets.

Sunday was the first time I saw the children in two weeks with the flu I had.  So I fixed dinner and they fixed dessert with sponge cups.  Genevieve and Adalyn mixed cream cheese with heavy whipping cream, vanilla and little sugar. 
Spooned into their dessert cups and the strawberries on top, lots of small ones and whipping cream on top.  We only have this once in a while.  Mostly the girls like the strawberries plain.
Yep she likes the beater

Adalyn and her turn

last spoonful went in the mouth

Today they both went for teeth cleaning.. Genevieve had several baby teeth that were in her mouth good and wouldn't come out to let the others come correctly, so with laughing gas and a few numbing needles - they were pulled to let the permanents come in.  Very stressful for G.V.

Adalyn had a very small hidden cavity in here molar that she will not lose til she is around 12.  Well now work has to be done on that.

No more sugar for a while.  They brush regularly, floss and rinse but still anyway, it happens.
Glad they had a very good time Sunday.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

What happened to March winds?

Oh well,  good excuse to get some things done inside.

I think I will plant some more seeds in pots.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Humpday

I just potted some lettuce in a planter in my window.  It will be up in no time.  I like it in my window upstairs so I can just open it and snip some off.  Well until it gets beastly hot and then  something else will be planted there.
I keep the planter growing downstairs in the kitchenette and laundry area where it's cooler in the window during summer

I am surprised to see these chives up after neglecting them and leaving the pot out in the snow.   But they are and I guess they are just hardy like those wild onions that grow ever so vigorously in my yard.

Now I remember what the stick was in this pot, it bloomed and I must put it in the ground.  I pushed the cuttings in the dirt very early last year and they rooted very well.

I took this picture yesterday and the two above in the rain.  Just where I needed to be with sniffles.

Yes, I looked over and noticed something very light in color and zoomed in to see the daffys by the oak growing well.  I hope they spread.

zoomed in a little closer and yes they are blooming. I don't see any others.  I threw bulbs out there a season or two ago and see some made it.

Well I am disappointed in seeing these buds right now, I was so hoping to get to move them before this because it's too much in this area by the fence door.  If I disturb them, I am  afraid I will disturb the buds and the  Peony will not bloom.

I need to find a new place for gator.

Well leftovers tonight.   We had chili last night.   I browned beef, added the sauted onions, pepper, garlic (forgot the carrots as love carrots in sauces like this) and mushrooms.  Celery seed, pepper and chili seasoning.
I put black beans in this chili along with two cans of crushed tomatoes and a small can of paste.  Oh yes, worcestershire sauce.  Gotta have just a tad bit.
I chopped the mushrooms a little more.  I usually like bella but white mushrooms are what I had on hand.

I used a liner in my crock pot like a baking bag.  Less messy pot this time.  

A small bowl for me with a salad and my favorite unsweetened cranberry juice.  I love the stuff.
I put a little parmesan cheese on mine with plain croutons.

Til next time

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Finally felt fixing a dinner tonight.  I went to local market and purchased local meats.  Worth the extra pennies for freshness and good quality.  I like the idea it's from area farms.
I browned well in very little oil two nice thick chops that I put a little bit of salt and pepper on before sauteing.
They went into baking paper and cooked rest of the way in the oven, came out so tender and juicy.
I sauteed in pan pepper, onion, garlic, grape tomatoes and a slice of pineapple with a little juice.   Steve loves worcestershire sauce so a little of that too.  I threw in a few specs of hot pepper flakes for just an extra kick.
He had rice with his and I just had the salad and chop. So tasty.  So good to want to make something at home.  Steve has been ordering in all week since I was sick.  He doesn't really like to cook, but boy he likes to eat.

Happy Tuesday

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patricks Day

A sunny and green one it is too.  Hope it stays this way.
I planted some seeds about two weeks ago and didn't expect them to sprout this fast.  I just transplanted a few of the tomatoes in larger pots burying over half the stem.  Will see how they do.

Cukes in front and then Italian tomatoes and red peppers last few cell packs.

On jalousie porch in the sun

If they grow fine, if not, I will try again. 

It's all green, it's all good - Happy St. Patrick's Day
(greeting card poet)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

A bit of sunshine

Inside with the flu since Saturday night, it was nice to venture out and sit in the sun.  Feeling the warmth made me feel better.   I took a few pictures while out, not too many but some pretty blooms to bring in and put in  a vase boosted my spirit.

A short walk in the wood and found a clump of daffodils.  Not in bloom but will eventually be.

Don't know where this came from but sure pretty and a happy sight to see
I never planted them here.

sitting  here looking at the bowl of daffodils I picked before coming inside

Hopefully tomorrow will be full of sunshine like today

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Happy Saturday

Overcast but not raining, so that's a good thing.
I have sunshine in my dining room.  The Forsythias bloomed and are so pretty.

New tablecloth that I know needs ironing but I will do that when I iron my sheets today.

Baby Beau in highchair.  Genevieve's little doll.  I found the high chair at "Through the Garden Gate" in Mechanicsville where we are going shortly to their Spring Sale.

Great book that I just purchased.  It's been out several years.  So interesting.   Carole Lombard and the crash into Mt. Potosi in Nevada.   I have just started it and find it hard to put down.   I love reading about hollywood in the very early years.   Gloria Swanson, Jean Harlow, Clarke Gable, Marilyn Monroe and of course Carole Lombard are some of my favorites.

Well I am off to the sale and back to get more chores done on a somewhat grey Saturday.  Days like this are good for a good read.

Happy Saturday to all

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


A walk around the yard in the cold.   Now, at 3:00 it's 36 F. 
Daffodils finally starting to bud.   Leaves to be raked and other much needed yard work to be done.  Now just a few more days of sunshine and will be dry enough to do it. 
I hope that with all the rain, some moles have gone to mole heaven.  They are little monsters and do  a number in killing roots to all the plants I try to keep alive.

I cut the lilac way back and even though it will take some seasons to bloom again, it was way to large for this area.  I will try to move it later this year.

Hydrangea that needs transplanting for way too long.

box that needs trimming.

Took a few limbs off of the Forsythia and put them in water to see if they will bloom for me inside.

That's it for today.  Have a good one.

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