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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Good pickins

Pollen is a little better today.  The stuff seems to be getting less.  My car needs a good washing but that will be taken care of tomorrow.
Early morning walk before the afternoon heat is my time to get out and get things done.
A few pretties still in the yard.
Fringe tree still blooming and scenting the yard.

Peonies I picked this morning and brought inside.

One in Steve's office in a pretty red vintage bottle I purchased at sale.

Here is another patch of peonies at the gate to backyard.

Genevieve arranging her flowers

She's done and always has her nose in them.  No wonder her allergies are acting up.  she doesn't mind at all.

I purchased this last year and I believe it's a tree hydrangea?  It's a hydrangea none the less and it's white.  I saw a shoot coming up the side of it and dug it out.  I have another one now growing in another pot.

I have one lone Iris blooming and do not remember this color.  It must have been in with a few that were given to me a few years back.  The color is not like I have seen before. It's a rust color.

still thriving through some very hot days

Can barely see Pansies in the planters in the window upstairs but I can see their happy faces from inside.

Genevieve holding a Peony she cut this morning with her scissors.  Notice her hair on the right side?  Her sister Adalyn cut her bangs and hair.  Genevieve doesn't seem to mind.   Check out that sweet little dimple in her chin.

The peony is in water in an old vinegar bottle.  So pretty and scented.

The Chinese name for Peony means "Beautiful".  Riches, Prosperity and Honor is what it symbolizes in Chinese culture. 
 In western culture it is the symbol for the 12th wedding anniversary..     Good fortune and a Happy marriage in the language of flowers.
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  1. I love peonies and your's are beautiful, Betsy! I had to laugh when I saw Genevieve's haircut. Sorry, but I think all little girls do this at some point in their lives! She's still adorable with her new do! Have a great evening. ♥

  2. Hi Betsy, Your flowers --especially the Peonies are SO pretty... We grow a lot of flowers here --but have never grown Peonies... We do have LOTS of Irises and they are blooming now FINALLY.....

    I think we went from Winter to Summer since it has gotten so hot lately--with more summer weather to come.... Our weather person on Channel 10 said that this weather was more like Memorial Day Weekend than Mother's Day.... ha

    Your Genevieve is adorable... Love the dimple --and of course, the hair will grow!!!!!! ha


  3. I love peonies.. every year I plan to plant peonies, but for some reason I end up not planting this beautiful plant.. next I must plant one..

  4. Such beautiful peonies they are stunning. A delight to see the joy they bring your sweet Grandaughter with her lovely arrangement.

    1. You are so right. Flowers do bring her joy and I am so happy they do.

  5. Hi Betsy. The Chinese sure knew what they were talking about! Sweet Genevieve! She looks so cute short hair or not!..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  6. So glad you're sharing your love of nature with children.
    Thanks for linking up at


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