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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Blog

My Christmas blog is what I am mostly posting to in December.  Check Here

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Birthday Son

 A wee bit here with Santa
All grown up with one of his two girls I speak lot of here on my blog is Adalyn when she was a little younger.
Happy Birthday

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Adalyn turned 6 on Friday.  Her celebration was held today.   She wanted everything emoji but at the last minute switched her cake to snowflakes.  My favorite too.   Fitting I see the emoji with tears.  I just noticed that.
Happy Birthday sweetie pie.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

pretty home

Steve and I stopped by a craft sale at a lovely home in Henrico Va.. A Georgian style home built in 1952 on mountain road.  Mountain road as it is called because it was the main road taken to the mountains of Virginia.
George Washington's military headquarters in Newburg, New York is what this home is modeled after. (info taken from their blog site)
Simple green wreaths adorned with a velvet red fluffy  bows. I think that is what I will put on my wreaths at the windows this year.

I didn't stand back far enough to capture the whole house for a picture.  Ground was wet after some drizzling rain earlier, so I got several pictures up close.

Steve purchased this pretty bluebird painting for his office

Outside vendor selling barbecue, so good.

video shared from  from site

Saturday, November 4, 2017

just a tid bit

I know Halloween is over and I meant to post this picture before but didn't  upload in time.   I think this is just a cute idea I saw while having lunch in Aunt Sarah's pancake house a few days before Halloween.
A giant spider web made from orange mini lights. 
The fall arrangement on top is so cute also.

Oh yes, cousin John's fried chicken is delicious.  Need to get their breading.

Steve had pancakes and eggs for lunch

til next time

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Goblins tonight

Adalyn and Genevieve.  They had a good time for sure.
Miranda did a good job with Adalyns skeleton face and Genevieve is a princess Anna

This the part Adalyn likes to show and she hisses when she spreads her arms. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Still thriving

Colder weather and mild frost the other night did not do harm to these few plants outside.  Like these few peppers that have been growing in this pot since June.
They like this dirt.  I have picked quite a few off and more to pick I see today.

I let a few turn orange like this one is doing before I pick it.

Lettuce growing in a pot

Nasturtiums that had died back and looked hopeless because they do not like the hot sun.  Well they are back and now that I have a salad thing going on here with the lettuce and peppers,  I guess I will throw these in there also.

few more sprigs of lavender blooming.  I cut the bush back and it took off again.  I will use these few petals for cookies.

Front yard mums that were potted plants two years ago, maybe a little older than that.  The color is just as vibrant.

The dogwoods are not pretty this year as years past.  But still a little color.

That piece of stained glass in my window I made many years ago has the sun shining through in the morning with such pretty color on the wall.

New garage doors made all the difference in the world here.

The old ones had the old glass and were getting so rickety.  Very happy with these.

like that dappled sun showing on the front yard

Back inside are these miniature roses I purchased from Kroger 3 weeks ago.  They were spindly sticks with a few leaves and one dying rose bloom.  Now look at them.  I hope I can keep the going through the winter somehow.  The rose color is a striped Burgundy color.

Thanks for visiting - Betsy

big eyes

Big eyes that I didn't have any idea what to do with but found one.

I took a ride towards Fredericksburg to Deep Creek Vintage to see what I must have.

I found these and I may paint them before I hang them,  but not sure what color.

and this vintage basket that I will tuck some dried lavender and dried roses in

I usually always find something to spend my money on that's for sure.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A few goblins

Not long before the Bewitching hour and the girls are getting excited. I loved Halloween when I was a child and glad to see they do too.   Steve took Genevieve to pick up a pumpkin from Ashwood Gardens not far from us and came back with 5 and some mulch that Genevieve said we needed.  She will use any excuse to ride in the truck.
Foxy boots for the ride

I put up another wreath with a sparkly pumpkin

Happy goblin - Adalyn loves Halloween and has been talking about it for  a month now.

Another happy goblin,  Genevieve

She thinks she is looking scary

A few mums I planted two years ago from ones purchased in pots.  Still looking good.

Time for chicken and home made flat dumplings.  Comfort food Steve and I both love.  Girls loved it too.

Adalyn and Genevieve being not so scary

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