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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Sunday

Today was a quiet sort of lazy day. I fixed cabbage rolls (steves favorite), while he slaved away at cutting grass on his riding lawn mower. I love it when he cuts grass as I always get to buy new plants. I ask him to watch out for that plant and he does, he goes right for it.

He works hard on our yard and keeps it looking nice. The area he is cutting now was grown up 2 years ago when we moved here, he had it cleared on the creek and then planted grass seed.

Back to the cabbage rolls, after I stuff them with rice, beef and spices

Pour on the sauce and pop in oven for 45 min.
They are done.

Wayside Park----Memorial honoring our veterans

Was very dark in some areas of the forest

Steve, my husband-


Visited my sister --Lynn

She creates beautiful art from stained glass and takes care of her garden

Bathroom window upstairs
The tile floor in the bathroom upstairs was just too much to take care of as the grout was a problem and the color was just not that great, so she painted it. Turned out very well and cleans up nicely

This chest was 2 pieces she found at different sales, they were an ugly brown color, she cut the door panels out and replaced with stained glass that she cut to fit. Painted both pieces black.

Front garden

Not too sure what she is doing with this stick, but I think it is aimed at the rabbit.
Miss kitty

Have a wonderful week.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures of Patrick Henrys home

Patrick Henry was born in Hanover county Va. on May 29, 1736.
Governor of Va. 1776-1778, 1784

pictures should enlarge when you click on them.

Patrick Henry bought Scotchtown and 960 acres at auction in 1771, he moved here with his wife,
Sarah and 6 children.
Scotchtown contains 3 pieces of
furniture which is a tea caddy, map table and cradle that belonged to Henry. His wife Sarah after the 6th child became ill enough that she was confined to the basement of the home. She died in 1775 and is believed buried somewhere on the property , but no one knows for sure.
Henry sold Scotchtown in 1777.
He died in Charlotte county in 1799.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strawberries and Roses May 26 '09

Today seemed like a good day to have Strawberry crepes for breakfast and then make some Rose petal jelly. Spring for me is always a good time for making Rose jelly as the roses are the prettiest and healthiest in my garden this time of the year. Make sure you use petals that have not been sprayed with pesticide.
For the Crepes --
I use about a cup and half of self rising flour. I also add to it a little oil and some cinnamon .Sometimes I throw some mace in there, I love the taste of it. I add an egg and add enough milk to make it soupy, it is not thick at all. I spray the pan with pam and then when warm enough, I coat the pan with the mixture and flip when the edges start curling. I like to pour honey on my sliced strawberries and then fill the crepe, I enjoy the taste of confectioners sugar on top , but my husband likes extra honey for his topping.

Here are the pictures of my Rose jelly.

The petals steep. They were really pink, the water turns a rusty color.

But when the lemon juice is added it goes back to a pretty pink again.

I used sugar that I layered with rose petals , picked a few weeks ago, it probably should have set longer, but the sugar did have a rose taste and scent.

Mom got her jar. She makes jelly herself.

She makes great wine also.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Thank You to all who serve in our military!
God Bless You.

My son in law John, who is overseas
at this moment, stay safe and we love and miss you.
We want you back home soooon.

Steven who is in the Navy, we love you.

Thank You and all my love to my husband "Steve" who is retired from the Army.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello beautiful tuesday

Some pics of my plants that are growing beautifully because of all of the rain, but I believe
since the ground has been so wet, the moles seem to be busier this year. They won't stop plucking out my garden plants.

This plant , I believe is some kind of begonia, not sure, it has a large leaf and was here when we moved in. It gets tall pink flowers. If anyone knows, I would be glad to hear from ya.

If you hold cursor on pix, and left click, it should enlarge.

My tea rose, This plant is about 15 years old. I brought this plant with me when I moved here.
I got a second plant from it, about five years back, dipped it in root starter and then packed dirt around it in a pot and watched it grow.

My favorites

Provence Lavender that is going on the second season in this pot. I have another and they seem to do very well as I have not had luck with lavender in the past. This did well in the ice and snow outside.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Antique Mall

A nice Antique Mall here in the county called "through the garden gate" , had so much to see today and one can easily spend 3 hours there, well that is how long I stayed anyway. I do like to spend my money where I live, and the some of the nicest people live in hanover county, always pleasant to deal with.
set of 4 wrought iron chairs are handmade and the price is $150.


I wasn't sure about this chair and now I wished I had purchased it. I am going back in the morning when they open and hope it is still there. The price is $30. I would take the red velvet off of course and may replace with a purple. I love purple, but I also love red.

I like this picture of this old man.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Moms day

I met with some of my family today and we brought some dishes to share with all. There were great deserts like apple pie, lemon pie, blackberry cobbler, and strawberry shortcake.
My Grand Niece Jamie and her son which is my grand grand nephew Wyatt, he has the prettiest curls.
Jessica (grand niece) Derek, my son
Wanda, My mom and Robin

My sister gave mom this hummingbird feeder.

moms deck A card I made mom , I got the graphics from this site -
I copied the picture and pasted to cardstock and added lace around the edges and some sparkle
with a Mothers day greeting inside.

My daughter Annette sent mom this beautiful arrangement of flowers. Mom was so happy.

Mom and her flowers and a few of the cards.
here is Annette, we sure missed you and John and Seth today. My flowers Annette sent me.

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