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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sunday May 20 trip to beach

Lynn, Steve and I took a drive to Colonial Beach last Sunday.  We stopped for dinner at Wilkerson's on the way.  It was Lynn's Anniversary but she could not be home. Her car's transmission went out and luckily she has bumper to bumper coverage.   She had it in the shop for a new transmission.
We had salad, steamed shrimp, flounder and vegetables.

Lynn thinks she is out of the picture but clearly is not.  I think it's a good picture.

Later at the beach just to walk around and then head back home.

A first for me anyway.  Have not seen these palms before.  Makes it look nice but I wonder how they will take care of them in the winter.

The Riverview Inn got a new owner and complete make over.

Little video of the water this day


  1. Betsy, we haven't eaten at Wilkerson's in years. Your dinner looks yummy. It's nice to see the Potomac looking so calm. Colonial Beach is such a sweet little beach town and it's nice to see it going through a revival of sorts. It looks like you had nice weather to enjoy with your sister. ♥

  2. It does look like it's going through a renewal like you said. I am so glad it is. I wish I lived in this little golf cart town.

  3. Beautiful!! I love the ocean! In fact any large body of water. :) The food looks great! How nice to have a great friend to travel with. P.S. I have not been around much duo to eye problems. My eyes feels like sand inside and worsens around 8-9 pm. Doctor said is dry eyes. The eye drops helps a bit. Also glaucoma is beginning. He says to limit time in front of computers, tablets or phones. Sad because i live in rural setting and my fun is in front of a screen. If I don't visit as much this is the reason. Have a wonderful Summer.


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